Dreamcast to PS2 converter, is it possible?

I have’t read what you’ve done so far so this is assuming you haven’t done anything: in short group everything together (lp to lp, lk to lk, rh to rh etc…) cut the power wire (5V+ DC, 3.3V+ ps) from the pads (believe it’s the red wire on ps and blue on DC but don’t quote me check out p360 thread for power wire confirmation) and splice the wire from the cord and the pad (meaning you should have two wire, one from the pad and the other from the cord ) get a switch called SPDT at radioshack. switch should have three legs. middle leg is the power wire from both pads soldered on to that. and left/right leg one for DC,PS. and that’s it.

if you get something with all buttons press and you’re using 3rd party pad, then it might be the pad because of turbo buttons or non common ground. or it might be the ps ground are not isolated. use hot glue for isolation. for best result, use first party pad.

what do u mean by isolated? when i attach it to the 3 legs of the switch, they shouldnt be touching at all?

I think he means when you’re soldering the ps1 pcb, that none of the solder is connection other wires, IE: triangle and square.

Also, IIRC, the official PCB only has two spots to solder not three.

So in a nutshell, you splice the wires from the DC with the connection wires from the PS1 PCB, you connect a switch between the two board’s power cables and you’re good to go? Can you run all the grounds in a series, or did you guys splice those with the DC grounds too(black wires right?).

once you solder wires to the pad (x,o, quare, a, b, y, R, L etc…) isolate everything, soldered on the pads. just make sure everything works before you do hot glue it so you don’t have to worry about it. if you don’t have one, spend $10 and get yourself a hot glue gun and some glue at big lot. totally worth the money. nothing should touching including the switch. the only joining is jap to jap, fierce to fierce, rh to rh, ground to ground. this means ground from ps is joined together with ground from dc. then wire it to the buttons/stick. regarding the switch: isolat all three legs from each other onced soldered. use some electrical tape. one leg for ps, one leg for DC. MIDDLE leg for both DC/ps soldered together (the wire should be coming from the 3/5V+ FROM THE PAD.) the other legs from the cord. obviously when you cut the power wire to do the soldering it’s not long enough. thus you have to splice the wire to make it longer.

Okay, so, in my picture, the reds should all be the active connections to the buttons, while the blues and greens represent the grounds? Where do the purples fall into place here? I rigged this from the photo at modeverything.