Dreamcast to PS3 conversion


I’ve been reading this specific forum for the last few days (now that I have SFIV in hand) and I’m pretty set on my first build … of something that isn’t a computer YET has electronics in it!

I have three joysticks:

  • Hori Fighting Stick PS2 (with ps3 adapter). Not bad at all, but it’s not what I want for my first mod.
  • Dreamcast import joystick. This is my intended 1.0 mod.
  • Ascii import joystick (specific for CapvSnk – how this game needs to be on PS3).

After reading the several links ('specially slagcoin), it looks like what I need:

  • PCB. Reading here, it looks like cluthu is the ticket. Just slap wires and go.
  • Wires

Optionally, I get the Sanwa joystick and buttons (which can I swap with). Which will fit with no to little modding into my current stick?

Is that it? Really? Seems so simple and yet so much fun!