Dreamcast Trouble

I have a situation I need anyone’s help on.I had a dreamcast that stopped reading joysticks. It comes on and everything, but no response from the stick. I was told the ports burned out because of a short in the joystick (Mas). How true is this and can the dreamcast be repaired/salvaged??

Thx in advance.

Get a broken dreamcast that has working port thingies and switch it around.

That’s all Iv’e learnt in these forums.

Look up repairing the controller ports on google. There should be a few guides out there.

I have a question If you guys don’t mind.

Time ago my DC would reset when It like, Get’s hit or something, It hasn’t been happening anymore recently but I was just wondering, Has this happened to anyone else before/ is it popular for this to happen to DC’s?

These are very common problems with Dreamcasts. With the controllers not working, either get a controller board from a working DC, or check the fuse that’s on it. They can blow sometimes apparently. This should help you out.

The resetting problem is due to the PSU contacts being dirty. Clean them. Here is a walk through if you need it.

Much lamez not 133t @ resistor! LoL. Thank you, sir. I am in your debt.

A long time ago, I posted a tutorial on how to install a fuse holder there instead.

That blue resistor(F1 I think) is basically a 250 mA fuse.

Thank you very much.:karate::china:

I did this before, I was just wondering If the problem will come back and If I did anything wrong.

Thank you once again.

Thx for the support, guys. I fixed it. Took about 20 minutes.

No problems :tup:

Great! Good to hear :woot: