Dreamcast vga question

Hi, have any of you guys had experience with the dreamcast vga box available on the innovation website. I wanted to know if theres any lag and if picture quality improves dramatically because im tired of playing marvel on my ugly 20 inch tube :arazz: . Thanks in advance.

The support for VGA is actually in the DC, not in the box; they use rediculously low numbre of parts, and are virtually identical in performace. It doesnt really matter which VGA box you get, they’ll all rock, no lag.

VGA boxes for the dreamcast are now hard as hell to find at a decent price. If anyone is still selling them for cheap let me know!

I bought mine on ebay not too long ago for about 20 bucks. I’d say that would be your best bet.

On topic, VGA is the only way to use my new HDTV without stupid lag- At least I can still play DC games and Emulated games with my PC and not worry about that. My DC looks great in HD with no lag at all. Same with my xbox 360.

All the VGA adapters on ebay go for about 60 bucks now. I use to buy them from jandaman.com for 10.00

Sucks because I use them for arcade monitors.

Not too hard to wire your own up.



And if you ever decide you have to have those 74HCT244’s, I got a shit ton of them when I didnt mean to. Cover postage and I’ll send ya a couple.

Whoa, is it possible to do this with other consoles?

Depends on what you mean. For the ‘VGA port on the side of the console’, it’d be easier on consoles that could support 640x480@60Hz (or, I assume, some other SVGA standard resolution). If they don’t, then its not even worth it, just get a XRGB.

Xbox1 and PS2 come to mind as VGA’able. I dont remember the VGA cables for them being too difficult. Havent made them before, but…hmm, lemme check.

Well, looks like doing one for a Xbox360 shouldnt be hard; it has VGA output at the cable, which means tapping it for a vga plug on the case itself would be pretty easy, space permitting.

According to this:
Should be doable on a Xbox, but the xbox would have to be a modded one for the custom bios; maybe it would work unmodded with 480p games, but I dont know. I KNOW there is more than enough room inside the Xbox to put the lm1881n and stuff inside.

That looks pretty cool, if you find a way to do this with PS2 hook me up, I’d definitely be interested in this.

Wait, these are hard to find? I’ve got my DC hooked up to one of these. >_>

From a PM, in case anyone else doesnt know

You can make it as an external mod. Just make sure whatever DC video cable you sacrifice has all of the pins on the DC side. Then you just connect them up like in the schematic.

The boards they used are called a bunch of different names, like prototyping boards, experimenter’s boards, whatever. If they dont have the copper pad for each hole, they’re usually just called perfboard, and you would use those by just bending the component legs and soldering them together as best you can, ‘dead bug style’ I’ve heard it called. (Im ignoring wire wrap style.) The ones they probably used have the copper pad for each whole, and the pads aren’t connected. For those, most use uninsulated solid wire to make their own connections between parts as needed. Look as the last image on this page for an example ( http://www.hawestv.com/mtv_page/mtv_page.htm )
Both of these and other styles of experimenter boards can be found in most radio shacks.

Yes, you can make it as an external mod with everything in a project box.

Well, not to reduce your joy but it’s kind of a different problem : the DC was built to be able to output some progressive VGA, and the xbox, being all in all some kind of PC is likely to be easily VGA outputable. As for the ps2, the problem is that beyond resolution matters, afaik the console is totally unable to output progressive since the interlacing allows basically to do only half the rendering for each frame… now if I’m wrong, somebody correct me.