Dreamcast VMU

I searched the forums for any dreamcast tips but to my luck no avail (unless I really Really didn’t look hard enough).

:sad: Anyway question is that how do I fix the Dreamcast to read my VMU because the Dreamcast is not reading my VMU for MVC 2, but the thing is that if I don’t put the c.d. and go to the main menu and look under file, the VMU is read fine with the blocks of game I have left?

Thanks for the help to anyone

The savegame for MvC2 probably got corrupted. If so there’s probably no way to recover it.

Try copying it to a second VMU if you have one.

Thanks guy

Some DC games only recognise the official VMU with the screen. I don’t know if MVC2 is one of those though.

No, all of the capcom fighters work with third party vmu’s, with or without LCD’s.

Slow, just delete it from your VMU, and burn a disc that has a save on it, like the one from here: http://bswirl.kitsunet.org/index.php?lg=en&menu=on

Or search torrent sites for TDC Final v2. It has an MvC2 save on it among other things.

MVC2 loves to get corrupted. Since it autosaves all the time there it is more likely that you will turn it off / unplug a controller or VMU while it is saving which will fuck up your file. If it’s gone copy it from another VMU or leave training mode running overnight o accumulate points. Hurts but it happens to the best of us.