Dreamcast vs PS2 Capcom games

Hi, everyone.

I’m looking to buy some fighting games, especially MvC2. But the PS2 version of the game is way too expensive. Are there any differences in the versions (gameplay or graphical) that might stop me from wanting to buy the cheaper Dreamcast version?

Does anyone also know the differences between both versions of Third Strike and Capcom vs SNK 2?

Also can anyone tell me if they have some experience with this PS2 to DC controller converter

Im afraid I might end up wasting money on it. I don’t know if theres any type of significant lag caused from converting ps2 controller data so a DC can handle it.

It seems like its a bit of a gamble with all this but if it works out fine then its a nice way to play MvC2 for a lot cheaper.

If it’s the DC version you may not need to buy anything…ahem

MVC2: Dreamcast version is considered to be arcade perfect, PS2 version has some slowdown in certain situations/stages. Not worth the price unless you’re a collector of sorts.

SFIII 3s: PS2 version is based on version A and is closer to arcade perfect. Dreamcast version is based on version B (no unblockables) and some people say there’s some input lag (can’t really confirm this)

CVS2: As far as I remember both versions are pretty close.

TCP2 converter: I have one and can tell it works lag free, if you check the controller adapter/converter thread under the tech forums you’ll see it’s actually regarded as the best PS1/2 to DC adapter.

Marvel is way better on DC, trust me i have both versions
3s and CvS2 are better on th PS2 imo …

I have 2 TCP2…they both are excellent and they work with my MAS joystick

MVC2: Much better on Dreamcast, avoid the PS2 version at all cost.

3S: The same as Renesis_13 says plus the Dreamcast version got a “soft filter mode” (is a cheat code… really lame, but its true) but some times got some strange lines in the screen that makes some parts of the characters invisible (its hard to explain… you better watch it by yourself), PS2 version its a better deal, considering that you also get Hyper SF2.

CVS2: This is personal, but i prefer the Dreamcast version, the PS2 version is too pixelated and its seems that is a problem for all NAOMI>PS2 ports.

Still… if you want more info, i guess you better check this thread (its a little long for search an exactly comment anyway).

Alright, thanks everyone.

I really like DC but its always strange to me when the DC version is better then the PS2 version. DC is more powerful then it looks.

I’m glad the TCP2 converter works great. I really don’t like the DC controller for fighting games.

it has nothing to do with power. the dreamcast is basically a home naomi arcade machine. mvc2 and cvs2 are ran on naomi arcade boards. get where im going with this?

CVS2 & MVC2 are pretty good 4 me on both systemz…never played 3S on DC

Mvc2 = Dc > Ps2
Cvs2 = Dc = Ps2
3s = Dc < Ps2

Vouch. If you’re going to be playing Marvel, go for a DC. If 3S is your thing, go for a PS2. Unfortunately you can’t get the best of both worlds without buying both consoles (unless you buy and Xbox… LOL little joke there)

I agree because if you have both consoles you have nothing to worry about.Because some games are just arcade perfect on certain consoles.Because the dreamcast is based on the naomi board.

Dreamcast has 480p in most capcom games.
AFAIK only the Street Fighter Aplha/Zero collection has 480p on the ps2.

I kinda like CvS 2’s sharper and more colorful look on the PS2. I don’t have VGA cables for the DC, so I only see the DC version via S-vid. The PS2 version with component vid definately looks better on my TV. I think the pixelation problem is an inherent problem that already existed in the arcade version. The PS2 version just brings the camera closer, making it more visible. Still, a very competent port. The PS2 version also does not have any slowdowns when 2 characters activate their LV 3 supers at the same time. It happens in the DC/arcade all the times. Not that it matters, but it’s non-existance kinda neat on the PS2.

Yeah i agree for sure buy a PSP :tup:

CvS2 on the PS2 is identical to the Naomi and Dreamcast versions, the only difference is that the PS2 is running the game on a higher resolution, that’s about it.

I agree with everyone as far as which version is better, ect. However, I prefer the PS2 MVC2. I KNOW that the Dreamcast one is better, nothing beats using the PS2 controller on its native system. Those converters NEVER feel right, and the DC pad!? Fuck that shit.

The fact that Super Turbo and Marvel 2 are on DC for tourneys is the reason I dont even enther them regardless of what I can do on them.

Fixed for you.

What about Alpha 3? Just picked it up on dreamcast.

alpah anthology is way better. a3 on dreamcast has some problems

such as? I really wanna know, I’m not trying to be a dick. :bgrin: