Dreamcast with third strike

selling a dreamcast with 2 controllers, third strike, and a VMU if i can find it for $50

NICE! I would so get this if i wasnt so damn broke. Ive been wanting one of these forever. GL with your sale

damn i need one of these. why do i have to be broke as shit

edit: where are you located

san diego

want anything for trade?

how much shipped to 96818, im interested

Same. I’ll check back on Monday when I have money to spend. I love the HRAP 1’s. The mirrored top looks nice.

Im a HRAP 1 layout person myself. Stick looks cool, plus the Universal Mounting plate is another awesome thing about this stick.

shipping could range from 15-25 within the US. the box for the hrap 1 is huge. i think its slightly bigger than the TE stick and i spent $18 to ship that thing out.

no trades for the hrap.

hori should make more mirror top hrap1s i love the layout

will sell this stick for $110 shipped(continental US only). not international shipping

how much for 3s only?

one year later… is it sold?