Dreamcast won't read discs

It boots up fine but it refuses to read any kind of discs. The CD is spinning because I can hear it spin. Any solutions or ideas on what could be wrong?

My first dreamcast did this so I sometimes titled or flipped it upside down till the game starts up and flip it back over. Not sure it’ll work for your’s but I’d try.

Or just clean the lens with a Q-tip.

my first dream cast did this due to wear and tear from playing backups. You do know that playing back ups can mess up the lens right? It causes it to work a lot harder than it normally does for GD-Roms… Anyways you can try to recalibrate the lens with a precision screwdriver and it may start reading discs again, but the music will probably skip. The best solution is just to get another DC, thats my opinion though.

I always used to spin it backwards while the system was on at the screen you get with no disk in and close it quickly and it worked about half the time. No backing up why this worked, I just figured it was sega secret magic. No shit it really worked until I bought a new one.

Get another Dreamcast. Sega cheaped out and used modified, off-the-shelf cd-rom drives for the DC and unlike the blown controller ports, it is not fixable.

I got it for free so I wanted to see if I could fix it. I just wanted to know if anyone knew of a quick fix or if it was something simple. Thanks for the advice.

try a Laser Calibration fix , theres a few tutorials out there.


I tried out the laser recalibration trick and after a couple of tries, it worked. Thanks again for the help guys.

I was gonna say that try giving the lens a clean, it might have some gunk build-up on it.