Hey guys.

Well, I wired up a official dreamcast pcb into a generic arcade stick, worked fine, ect ect. I decided to rewire it since it was pretty sloppy, so I rewired it a lot more efficiently. Afterwards when I plugged it up, it wasn’t working. I checked the wires and I’m not sure but I believe 2 of the wires may have touched on a spot close the pcb. I figured I fried the controller so I go another DC controller, wired it in, and what do you know, it still doesn’t work. This time, I know my wiring is correct. But, the VMU is not getting any power, so I’m guessing I fried the controller ports. Does anyone know anything about this? It’s not getting power in any of the controller ports, so again, I think I fried the controller port’s pcb.

Any ideas beyond “buy a new DC”? I don’t know anyone that has a dreamcast that I could test it with either, so any help is appreciated.

Post pics of the wiring.

hiya Avidist , you may want to try and replace the Dreamcast Controller Port Fuse…it will cost around $1 US its worth a shot.


Kinda off topic, but it’s not really recommended to use an official DC pad PCB, as the triggers are known to lag.