DreamGear Arcade Fighter PS3 ----> PC

Does anybody know how to get DreamGears Arcade Fighter Stick for PS3 to work on PC? I got the stick for PS3 but my playstation broke and I just got a free copy of SFxT on PC so I was wanting to use my stick on PC instead of the keyboard or a controller. Any help would be amazing!

Nevermind got it to work on my own…no thanks to anybody else -.-


Yeah real classy there, not just necro a three year old thread and tag the original post of the thread off topic.

There isn’t alot of information about the dreamgear stick as people avoided it for being a piece of crap. In general PS3 arcade sticks are supposed to be compatible with PC as the PS3 used HID class Plug and Play Drivers.
Although there are PS3 sticks with various issues when it comes to PC compatibility, mainly the Mad Catz TE Round 1 and Round 2 fight sticks.
All I can tell you do is while the stick is plugged in Open your control panel in Windows > Open Device Manager > scan for hardware changes and follow the wizard (the instructions) that pops up.
When Windows ask for Drivers tell it to search the web.