DreamGear Arcade Fighter stick fail story


I bought a DreamGear Arcade Fighter stick on amazon.ca : http://www.amazon.ca/DreamGear-DGPS3-1357-Arcade-Fighter/dp/B002DRR6DM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1254183025&sr=8-2
Couldn’t find any review about these sticks on the net, so didn’t know what to expect. Not something excpetionnal for 75$ of course, but at last something functionnal.

The stick simply never managed to sync with the PS3. The “DG” button (the one you’re supposed to hit to sync) flashes twice every three seconds, watever the button is pressed. I sent an email to DreamGear support, never got an answer (not event an automatic reply). I tried to call the support phone number, the number doesn’t work.
Amazon generously sent me a replacement. But guess what ? Exacly the same problem.

I opened the Stick to see if there were some easy problem to fix. Very easy to open. No “waranty sticker” of any kind. You can dismount an remount it wihout any traces.
It is exactly like the one here : http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=197299
But no connection problems (everything is sodered).

Does anyone have any other experience with these sticks ?
Are they all that unreliable or am I unlucky ?


i say mod the crap out of it :smiley:


sorry but that stick isnt that great.

yes what he said the mod is the best solution.