Dreamlab SFIV Tournament - Arcadia, CA - 9/19/09


Start Time: Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 12:00pm
End Time: Sunday, September 20, 2009 at 1:00am
Location: Dreamlab Gaming
Street: 1023 S Baldwin Ave
City/Town: Arcadia, CA
Phone Number: 626-348-8534

Tournament Format: Best of 3, Double Elimination. ( Grand finals will be best of 5 )

Entry Fee/Prize Payout: $10 Entry fee ( $5 dollars towards the venue, $5 towards the pot ). Payout will be 70/20/10 for 1st/2nd/3rd.

Setup: SFIV on PS3 ( Played on HDTV Vizio LCDs ). Bring Your Own Stick ( Venue will provide Hori HRAP3s and TEs ).

DreamLab was recently remodeled with State of the Art PCs and HDTV LCDs for LAN/Console. The interior has also been completely renovated as of July/August 2009.
Along with the standard set of both FPS and Fighting games available to players, DreamLab also has a custom bucket seat/Logitech G25 setup for various
Racing games.

DreamLab is located in Arcadia across the street from 1020 and AMF Bowling Alley. There are tons of great eateries nearby and less than a mile from the Santa Anita Race Track and the Promenade/Westfield Mall in Arcadia.


Dream Lab Photos

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Pictures of DreamLab:






Console Set Up - More Console Set ups underway.


muahaha you know im there


Sounds good.


oh shit it’s local. i’m down.


Yup, its local.


If not done so already, can somebody test the Vizio’s for lag please.

Thanks in advance.


In my home area, I’m there


Mr.Valle, Xivo and myself played for 3-4 hours on their setups and didn’t notice any lag. These are the newer 120hz Vizios I believe. If there are like any tests to check for noticeable lag, let me know, I’d be happy to run them. ( Only thing I can think of that checks for lag is those calibration tests in like Guitar Hero/Rock Band games ).

We’ll get some more pictures of the venue up this week.


We have added some Xbox 360s set ups and we have 10 to 12 consoles. Pictures yet to come…

The tournament will not have Xbox 360s for the matches. However, we will leave them out for casuals, money matches, practice, etc…


I like this, I will be there.


Local?! I’m there man!

Anybody know if they run SF4 on consoles everyday? Might be something to do when the wifey goes shopping at the mall, lol!


Yes, they run SF4 on the consoles everyday. There are many more consoles so there will be enough consoles to have at least one running on Street Fighter 4. However, DreamLab only have a total of 4 joysticks at the moment. BYOS

Most people play Blaze Blue, Street Fighter 4, and Puzzle Fighter. They have Marvel vs Capcom 2. The amount of games they have on the PCs are amazing as well. I will have a list posted as soon as I can.

Players there are looking for better competition to play against.


free to play sf4?


Technically, it is not free, but you can play free of charge.

The owner only asks that you donate a few quarters if you play. The systems are mainly there for the LAN people if they need a break from computer games. (not sure if this is 100% correct). I’ve played for 4 hours and paid one or two quarters.


it’s a lan/internet cafe, so there’s an entry fee. i haven’t been to dreamlab, but typically places like this charge for a period of time you’re allotted to play.


Call DreamLab if you have any questions about Hardware. They should be able to answer how they run operations there.


Dreamlab is going to start taking pre-registration for the tournament if you want go down and pay/signup. ( Talk to the owner James, calling ahead of time works too ).

More pics of the full console setups coming soon ( took the pics already ). They have a lot of games beyond SF4, MvC2, and Blazblue for consoles. The owner James has a full list there ( off the top of my head I saw KOF XII, SF 3s, Anniversary edition, HDR ).


is it free to play on console there? or how much per hr…


At the moment, free to play. Call the owner of dreamlab to confirm how long this will be.