Dreamonoid's Arcade (Greetings)


Greetings Shoryuken family. I started a new account to use my real name, and avoid confusion with my business, but I wanted to invite you
if you’re in the area to San Antonio’s Newest Arcade, Dreamonoid’s.

I have been working on the space for over a year, but barely got it running about a month ago. We have a strong emphasis on fighting games, and the communities
involved in it.

For example on Saturday’s we host Anime Fight Night, and stream the entire event on our Twitch Channel here > Dreamonoid’s Twitch

So if you’re ever in San Antonio, Texas please come visit us. It’s $5 play all you want. We have retro games, and of course console setups for competitive matches.

I spent my life’s saving on this place after my Dad died of cancer (47), because he told me he never got to do the things he wanted to do, and regretted it. He told me to take a chance on my dreams, and that is
what Dreamonoid’s is.

Here is a video of our Grand opening (It was also an art show) > Grand Opening Video

Looks cool man, I wish you nothing but the best with your dream.

Sorry to hear about your dad, cancer fucking sucks, and everyone has/will have been touched by it at some point (my grandpa died of colon cancer on my 16th birthday, but I can only imagine what you went through).

Much love & respect.

Congrats on your venture and all…but shouldn’t this be in the Southwest section?