Dreamonoid's Custom Fight Sticks


Hello fight stick enthusiast,

My name is Christian, and I’ve opened an Arcade here in San Antonio, Texas called Dreamonoid’s.
I’ve been working on it for over a year and a half, but just barely got it going, and one thing we’ve been doing here is
creating custom fight sticks.

These models are the first of their kind, and feature the PS360 board inside of them, and Sanwa parts. We also have a custom bracket that supports all types of boards making it perfect for pad-hacking and such. The dark purple is fully PS4 compatible. I did all the wiring myself with a friend, and we designed it all ourselves.
I’m very new to the custom stick world, but wanted to see what you guys think. I had an older account on here, but created this one to avoid confusion with my business.

Also if you’re interested in my arcade here’s a video. https://youtu.be/VK14Q16o6BA

Little acrylic SE’s. Cute. How would one go about procuring one of these cases? How much would one cost? Can you sale the case alone without parts?

I can yes indeed sale the case by itself. $60 Plus shipping.

Can you do different layouts aside from the regular viewlix 8? Capcom style straight 6? Namco Noir? Hitbox? Custom button layouts? Can artwork be installed in them?

That is quite competitive pricing. Cases look nice, too.

How much for the solid black case on the upper right? And will they fit a stick with an s-plate?

Yes, we can do any button layout you like. At this time we have don’t have artwork options available.

That solid black is actually a deep purple that can only be seen when help up to the light. Can you enlighten me on what an “S-plate” is? sorry. Noob here.

Scroll down to S Plate, type of joystick mounting plate some Seimitsu joysticks need to have to be the standard height on an arcade stick.

What are the color options?

Great news is YES it can support S Plate sticks.

Still interested in these and I’ll be coming by to visit your place next time I’m in SA. Let’s talk about color options.

Sure, the 5 colors we carry are: Red, Blue, Dream Purple, Clear, and green.

We even have custom brackets that can support any board.

They look very cool.

Nice stuff. Will def be hitting up the arcade when i go down.

Good luck on the endeavor, its a tough gig.

Very cool sticks. They remind me of those translucent model cars from the 90’s. I’d like to see some bigger sticks over time if things work out for you.

(I suspect they will.)

these sticks seem like a great jumping off point for some LED projects. i would also be interested to know how you got the bend in the acrylic during manufacturing. do you mind posting up the specs, like dimensions, weight, etc?

Your place looks pretty cool, I wish you the best of luck. Also dope arcade sticks man, A+

It looks pretty good. I wish I have the money to get these

Are you only selling the cases?
Or could I order a complete stick?