Dreams of Ice adds Ninjas! now Mortal Kombat ninjas and DOA ninjas can migrate to Eorzea


Massive amounts of new content being added!! :slight_smile: Now the most popular ninjas in fighting games and beyond can
form their own ninja clans right in Eorzea (well of course Netherrealm studios and Tecmo are incapable of developing
an mmorpg of this quality, so adapting those themes/inspirations to this mmo, which has a great world, lore and gameplay, is the next best thing.)
Wonder what will be the best ninja clan? Perhaps a Ninja Gaiden themed clan. Well perhaps people will add some KOF ninjas, Samurai Shodown ninjas,
or maybe Ninja Scroll ninjas (that sure was a brutal movie), wouldn’t be surprised if someone makes a Senran Kagura clan,
though I think the best ninja clans are gonna have the most variety (including originals) instead of only specializing in
one inspiration.



Couldn’t you have just posted this in the FF14 thread thats on page 1?