Dreamscape: a student made fighting game

Official Site: http://www.dreamthegame.com/

I think I’ve been sitting on this for too long, and figured I might as well just release it. People who were at Evo West last year had a small glimpse of this game, and it’s changed quite a bit since then.

Dreamscape was a game I made two years ago with a couple of my friends from Carnegie Mellon’s Game Creation Society. The original idea was a super customizable fighter, something like CVS2’s groove edit mode, but at the same time balanced between all of the options that you chose. Of course, we never really got that far, and ended up only having three customizable options (meter bonus, roll/dash, and parry type).

The art style is akin to Rumble Fish, since without an army of sprite artists I don’t think there’s any other way to do it and maintain some resemblance of 2D-ness.

At this point, I probably won’t be updating the game anymore (onto bigger and better projects!), but if anybody’s crazy enough to attempt to balance or improve this game, it’s pretty easy to mod. There’s a little bit of documentation, but for the most part once you open up a character data file, it’s pretty self explanatory.

We used C++/OpenGL/SDL to make this game, so it should be portable to any platform. But once again, I’m currently not looking to revive a 2-year old project, so it is Windows only at the moment.

Hope you have fun!

goddamn, the game looks like you’re fighting underwater. :confused:

yeah, don’t update it please.

i dont think i will be able to have fun with this game

Er… the youtube video is a bit slow. Actual framerate is not as sucky.

Man, dont get this wrong but you need at least to make the game 500% more faster to actually get some fun. Is not a bad idea and the art is nice but this is like fighting on the underwater level of Dural in Virtua Fighter 2 all the day.

Maybe someone can do it? its an open source game or something like that isnt?

Let me know what you think about the speed when you’ve played the actual game. I took down the offending video.

one question, is a combo based fg like ah gg or mvc, or a crappy poke fg like sf?

because right now i cant see the video

Ban, please.

why?, because preffer the combo based games over the poke ones like sf?, i have the right to like a game or not, you know

Still slow as shit.

I think SF2: WW is faster. :rofl:

Is it? Hrm, I guess I can’t argue with that.

Thanks for the “constructive feedback.”

The game speed isn’t really all that slow. Probably about the same as SSF2. The problem this game has is in its core mechanics. Nothing cancels, so combos aren’t really an option (I couldn’t even get 2 light kicks to combo like in the vid). And hit-stun is pretty small compared to the recovery time on the moves. Plus, jumps are too high.

EDIT: I thought you had good ideas with the choices before battles. And the animation isn’t horrible (except for when you knock someone down). But maybe the meter should let you do a super move when all the way full.

Hey, real constructive criticism! Awesome.

I definitely agree with all of what you’ve said. Every one of those things could be addressed if somebody sits down and tweaks with the values. But… that somebody probably won’t be me (at least anytime soon).

Thanks a lot for playing. And speaking in a responsible adult-like manner. I’m hoping people can do better than just saying something along the lines of “hey this isn’t Marvel, this sucks.”

Graphics: Well I’ve seen worse and better. But your and your team aren’t some famous company dev team so… 6/10. Nothing impressive. Doesn’t really stand out and the animation does need work. Especially since:

Gameplay: Controls are GREAT. I experienced no problems at all. However as stated before the game is SLOW. I’m not saying be GG fast but really. Like King said, it’s like your fighting underwater and with guage that slows down time makes it even more obvious. I can do 2 hit combos but they aren’t worth crap. The hit stun is weak too. It’s not a poke fest either. It’s like it’s so slow that you can easily react to anything. That half naked chick with the Rapier(Sophine?) has a good crossup with jumping strong kick but since the jumps are so high it hurts her crossups. You can’t do a crossup until late. By then it’s obvious. The lack of fluid animation and the slow gameplay hurts the fighting overall. And the little Rage system isn’t too great either. Actually I’ll say the reaosn the game seems slow is because of the animation. 5/10

Sound: Well even SNK has made poor tracks before. Nothing really stands out about this games tracks either. They’re acceptable but nothing to the degree of possible classic material. It’s not bad. 6/10

Fun factor: Well since the slow gameplay is an issue and it hinders the game overall…it makes the game bad. It’s not unplayable but I seriosuly doubt it has staying power. 4/10

“Hey this isn’t Marvel, this sucks!”…kidding. :rofl:

I think Hatred Edge hit most of the nails on the head. It’s not horrible, especially when you consider the fact that it’s a student project, but it’s really rough around the edges. The speed wouldn’t have been such an issue if hitstun was (much) longer and jumps were shorter in height. With Felicia I actually managed a 3 hit combo with jump in + repeated crouching light kicks, which was actually a struggle since I was trying my hardest to chain/cancel attacks. I did see that Josephine crossup Hatred Edge mentioned though it wasn’t much use due to the other problems in the engine. Due to the (lack of) speed, I found Run to be vastly more useful than Dash (or at least with Felicia). As far as the counters, the aforementioned slow speed + lack of chains made it so that Auto was about the only one that was useful. Speaking of which, due to it having an automatic counter attack, Auto should only partially reduce damage and/or use some of the Lucidity bar. Spooty Whiteboy makes a good point that supers (or at least EXs) would be a good use of the meter.

I will say thanks for submitting an open source fighting engine. I’d argue that you should attempt to add some sort of minor programming documentation so people who want to edit the engine can. At least reformat fsmrules to Word because the current text file has lost all form of indentation/line skip. And um…do you have anything more with the individual character stories?

Thanks Zamuel. I uploaded a new version with lower jump and a correctly formatted fsmrules.txt, since those two things were quick to change. But everything would probably take a lot more time (especially changing the frame data for every character, playtesting that, iterating, etc), and I’ve that time would probably be better spent working on my next project.

Story? What’s that?

I dont know why found this funny, what you said is definetly True.

P.S. Fetus in a Robot-Frogsuit is the best character :wink:

I’m not sure how much programming canceling attacks would be but the game would be 100x greater if you did something like so (based on KoF):

  • Light punches can chain (but not into HP/HK).

  • Light kicks can chain (only into LP or special).

  • Give most characters a command normal (chains from HP or HK or both).

  • Command normals can chain into special attacks.

  • Maybe sacrifice a gauge for ex-special (just tack on extra hits/damage/knockdown)

  • EDIT: If you add a combo system…then tone down overall damage.

  • Also, speed up the game (just a tad would be fine…not too much). And make jumps alot lower and less floaty (give them just enough height to allow for cross-ups).

  • Make throws LP+LK (take away the direction).

  • Make counter it’s own button (then ex-specials could be Special+Counter).

  • If you use auto-counter then each counter should take 1/2 a gauge.

  • ADD MORE HIT STUN (don’t know much about blockstun…didn’t really pay attention to how much there was).

  • When a move hits…it should be safe (I’m looking at you Fetus-Robot’s HP).

That’s all I have off the top of my head.

Definately better, though I might personally tweak the gravity a little more. You seem to have some sort of loading issue because the game seems to play faster with some characters (Felicia…) than others though that could just be my computer. Probably should have named the new upload “2.1” instead of keeping the previous “2.0” but that’s not that big of a deal.

BTW, does the engine support the ability to add extra directional inputs (such as quarter circle and charge based moves)?

Probably should have seen that coming. :looney: Just happened to notice a few things like the sailor vs ocean chick vibe, quirks with Azel (but I’m probably reading into that too hard), and pretty much Felicia’s whole ghost/undead/dead relatives vibe. I doubted there was a full story mode but was just wondering if there were any design notes for the characters.

Also, as far as the Lucdity/Rage mode, is there any way to edit the code to universally increase the speed while you are in it? As is, it’s somewhat of a setback to use it against some characters.