Dremel scratched steel plate =(

First off, I know I am an idiot for not putting masking tape over the plate prior to dremeling it.

I picked up a Hori Fighting stick PS3 last night and have spent a good amount of time modding it since the purchase. Finally got a stick mount set up on it, as well as the buttons installed. Unfortunately, the original holes needed to be a little wider for the new buttons to fit, and I dremeled them out. On the last hole, my dremel snagged something and slipped, scratching a portion of my stick.

Pic 2:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/muffinman943/DSCN1347.jpg

Is there anything that can fix this like a scratch remover? I would be willing to paint it, though I would like to avoid that route unless its necessary.

Vinyl artwork would be nice.

Could give nail polish a try; I’ve had luck with that in the past. I’ve also heard that toothpaste (standard toothpaste, not a gel) can be useful for that as well. Both are cheap and are readily accessible, so it’d certainly worth a shot. :tup:

you don’t deserve those buttons for that. hand them over!

Muff, that is some mediocre modding bro.
You could remove all the buttons, and block sand the steel to level it out, but you’ll have to overcoat it to stop the rust. The coating on there now will eventually wear off from the sweat and dirt from you muffin hands. Coat that sh*t

Hand them buttons over

Scratch remover ain’t meant for plated or raw steel:rofl:

I feel weird, looks ugly buttons. I like all 8 black buttons on this your custom joystick. that’s great! I advice you. :wink:

you could put some filler in there and sand it out. i cant find a link a filler that i have used before but i know its around the internet… or just put art over it like TheRealNeoGeo said… thats what i would do =)

be lazy my nigga and use some art.

thats not being lazy! and if you do it right it costs a hell of alot more…

im printing up art for a stick for me and its cost me 40 in paper…(high gloss hp paper) plus 1 picture on that paper uses up like 1/8 of a ink cart… its godly quality though. =)

i forgot you could just put some putty in it sand then paint…

lol yeah that is true i forgot i called kinkos like the other day.