I’ve decided to just drop some money on a dremel tool to do some mod jobs. Any recommendations on which models I should look into?

I also would like to know which of the bits are best for

(1) Taking off the metal tabs in the button holes on the T5 and similar metal panels

(2) Modding the Namco case to fit a JLF stick. Kowal did it in his tutorial, but I’m unsure if this is even necessary.



I’d like to pick up a dremel-type tool myself on the cheap.


amazon probably… if you don’t have a local hardware store around though most stores carry this.

Depends on what your needs are? They make portable and wired dremels. I’m a wired man myself because of the little oomph you get… 35K rpm vs. 20K of cordless.

$40 gets you a one speed Dremel (bare essentials).
$55 gets you the very nice 395 Dremel (my preferred)

I like Dremel brand because of it’s aftermarket support. Lots of attachments.


Dunno about specific models… I picked a modest one up from the hardware store some years ago.

There are several disc attachments that work for cutting plastic or metal. Plastic will melt quickly at high speeds, so work carefully if you’re trying to make it look pretty.

Edit: The 395 n19htmare posted above is the one I have; I would recommend it. It is helpful to be able to vary the speed.


being that i professionally use dremels and the like for what you are all doing you could easily go with almost any rotary tool on the market. the one i had the best luck with (in other words- not burning out nearly as quik) was actually the Sears Craftsman model. and be sure to get a variable speed model on whatever you get. and remember- slow speeds will take a little more time, but will be more accurate. less pressure is a great thing to remember as well.

unless you want to go crazy and get the Foredom rotary flexible shaft. mmmmmmmmmmmmm…good stuff.


You can get them for $10 from Harbor Freight. I only suggest this approach if you’re prepared to have it turn to crap after a handful of projects or so.


I use this tool to grind the tabs on the button holes.


And this one to cut plastic.



My Dremel is a few years old now, mains powered and has a black casing. The newer ones have a greyish/blue colouring to them. I think they now have a chuck style fitment for the bits, whereas my older one had a sleeve type fitment instead.

I used to buy the genuine dremel bits, but they are too expensive IMO and now I just use the el cheapo packs which are dirt cheap and work just as good.


I just picked up a cordless 4.3V Dremel at Walmart for $20.