Drexel Hill PA Players: Lookin for local Peeps!

Hey Guys. I dont know if there any people around the Drexel Hill Area (south west of Philly) that want to meet up and play a few games of street fighter or any number of fighting games. I am not pro by any means, but im ok. I want to get better and meet some cool new people around my way since Im new to this area. If anyone is from my zone and want to link up let me know! Most of my info is on my little profile but for anything addition Just send me a PM. I play all kinds of things from Halo to Castlevania but my main love is street fighter. THANKS!!

XBL: BigOleon
PSN: Gatsu_Leon

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Jeebus dude.
As a philly player let me get in here before the rest of GD goes off on you.

Go here

rgr that