Drill hole 30mm and 24 mm

I design my new panel control a joystick for sanwa pushbutton snap.

I put a metal sheet on panel control. Where get a drill 30mm & 24mm hole? :sweat:

I have a hole 28mm = 1 1/8" hole & 25mm = 1" are standard drill hole.

This is pretty relevant to me too, so any help would be appreciated.

Most big box stores do sell metric, but i’m 99% certain 28mm will work.

I know where the shop is “house of tools” has a bi-metal 30mm and
almost 24mm drill hole.

30mm = 1 3/16"
23.8mm = 15/16" fit pushbutton 24mm

Thank you for help

Where is that i get a metal sheet? On the street there sign. I stolen it :wink: sshhhh!

I like the way you talk.