Drilled Sanwa shafts ... who sells them?

I know it’s a noob question but… who sells them or does the customs? Currently need one for LED balltop.

try in the trade channel with a thread like WTB: Drilled sanwa JLF shaft

Not in the 48 States now!

The fellow who’s the owner/operator of LizardLick hasn’t been able to find a local machinist to do these. The last guy who worked for him on this took a bunch of JLF shafts with him and disappeared!

These places should have the hollow JLF shafts:

Paradise Arcade Shop- Arcade Parts for Coin-op Video Amusement Machines - Paradise Arcade Shop => in Hawaii I believe; shafts are milled from titanium (makes no difference really) rather than stainless steel
Arcadeshop: Arcadespiele, Automaten & Ersatzteile => German arcade parts vendor

These are the only shops I’m aware that currently stock hollow JLF shafts…
Some SRK members possibly drill JLF shafts for LED’s. Look in the Trading Post forum to see if someone does this service, otherwise wait for another SRK member reply.

These are NOT cheap parts and you will be paying a bit in shipping to get these to North America if you live here…

Networkingyuppy does LED mod’s he might know who/where you can get one from.

Thanks for the links.
We are in Hawaii, but we ship everything USPS priority which means typically 3-4 days from order for you to receive it(give us a day for packing and 2-3 days for delivery) While we aren’t in the 48 states, because it’s an Island even the mail we leave in our mail box get’s on a plane that night, there aren’t any days spent driving from this post office to the next to get to the airport for distribution. I know it sounds crazy, but shipping is really quick and I can send about 40 drilled shafts for $6 shipping

Right now we have:
LS-32 long shaft for 15
LS-32 short shaft for 15
Sanwa JLF titanium for 25

I am also putting together a 3mm lighting kit(just the resistor and LED). These LED’s do not have the bottom rim so they can be recessed into the shaft if desired.

yo armi0024 you ship to puerto rico? im interested in the titanium with led kit.

I second ParadiseArcadeShop. And I see a difference in their titanium hollow shafts. If you are not going to use your shaft cover and just let it go nakey, the titanium will look better longer, where after years of use with no shaft cover I’ve heard the stainless ones will start getting rust spots.

Shit been living on the northside of oahu and never realized there is a spot to nabb buttons and parts ,book marked there site ,since lizard lick has Issues now…better for me to help local anyway.

Focusattack.com has them as well…

I highly recommend FocusAttack.com

You could always get a link quick release. Made by our own Phreakmods. These are detachable and hollow.

I’m pretty sure Lizardlick sold them too.