Drilling out the through-holes on a PS3 controller PCB


I’m building a fightstick out of an old PS3 Sixaxis controller PCB. I consider myself proficient with a soldering iron and most power tools.

That being said, I hate contact soldering. Hate hate hate hate hate. Hate. So I’ve opted to drill out some of the through-holes and through-hole solder the wires to the board instead. Now, when drilling through-holes in a PCB you normally need to have the back side of the board sandwiched to a block of wood or some other drillable material in order to prevent blowing out the back layer as the drill comes through. Except this isn’t possible on this board, as it has all sorts of components sticking off of both sides.

So has anyone done this before? Anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent the blowout? I’d really rather not draw lines of solder across the board to repair each blowout :stuck_out_tongue:


I would kindly suggest getting an AXISdapter from http://www.godlikecontrols.com

No ‘contact’ soldering necessary.