Drink Fighter - Fighting games and drinking


Whenever I play a fighting game I’m always drinking something. Just curious about other people’s habits when it comes to this.

Usually I get on in the evening and am just trying to relax when i get on so I’ll drink a few beers while I play (usually natty boh). If its too early for that i go for seltzer water. If I’m tryna get REALLY relaxed I’ll drink scotch while I play (preferably aged at least 10 years in oak casks, served neat).

Also If anyone has any FG drinking games post them here. When I was at college I would play a Tekken Tag 2 drinking game where the winner of a game would have to take a shot. Then the best player would eventually get drunk enough that other people could beat them and then everyone would get trashed. Also we would bet shots on CPU matches in sf4, Zangief was unbeatable God tier.


Not sure if this is the right place to discuss this but I comment anyway. VODKA!!
Drunk Skullgirls is the greatest thing ever.