Drinking With Daigo After Finals


I was fortunate enough to go out drinking with Daigo, Dan from Japan, and Kuni after the finals. A couple of people and myself offered to take the Japanese players out drinkings. There was initially a crowd of about 10 people including Iseei Suzuki, I don?t know everyone else?s name. We first went to the Masquerade Bar first. Daigo was putting them down. He was all smiles and laughing the entire time, much different than the serious tournament Daigo. After a couple of beers we decided to go the American Bar and Grille so we could get something to eat. Kuni was talking to some people and said he would be right over. We walked over and after about 10 minutes, I realized Daigo didn?t have his gold ryu trophy. I pointed it out to him and he started to laugh (I did go back and get it for him). Apparently he had enough beers to make him forget his trophy. At this point we picked about 4 more people. There was this very strange person with pale white skin, long black hair and bright red lips. Daigo quietly said ?Micheal Jackson? and everyone was dying. We got our seats, food and some drinks. Suzuki translated and everyone was having a good time. After about 45 minutes I realized Kuni never showed and nobody knew where he was. There was also a very funny incident at the table but I don?t want to offend anybody by mentioning it. But if someone else wants to mention it feel free. We were then going to go to club Voo Doo. Before we left Daigo went to the bathroom and gave his trophy to Dan to hold. Dan was playing with it and the leg came loose from the stand. Dan then tried to give it to someone and said ?You broke?. Pretty funny for a guy who can barely speak English. Voo doo ending up being closed. But we ran into Kuni, he was plastered and Seth Killian was taking him back to his room. I was laughing just about the entire the time and had an unforgettable night. For anybody that was there please add your thoughts.

Here’s a link to a picture of everybody. http://www.flickr.com/photos/40220757@N07/3744948075/


I took the picture, looked like ya’ll were having a great time :smiley:


Did Daigo have to pay for any of the drinks and food?


Daigo needs a new hair style.


ebonics, that was a perfect picture thanks. very high resolution too. the japanese players didn’t have to pay for anything.


Ha I remember that. We were done eating when Daigo and friends came in to the restaurant… funny how he remembered Smoothcat from a couple of years ago when he drank that 151 that got him wheeled chaired out the bathroom… he pointed at him and laffed, we all rofl’ed too! :'D


Daigo doesn’t need a new anything. Japanese rock star.


Man, us northwesterners proposed this idea to him and kuni the night before, and then these guys just came in and swooped him up before we could. I’m bitter. :sad: At least somebody got to hang out with them, I guess.


Man they’re our guests. Can’t be having them pay for stuff.


There is a vid of him doing that gesture no? I saw it on another thread I think


dam whish i coulda made this


DAIGO and DR.B ( Sabin on the DRB Cam ) - R.K.A Bloopers



wah… nice one… so sad… I was on the plane already~~




that is too funny


QFT dang Daigo is so funny


he actually is very funny, and relaxed. probably the coolest guy I ever met


Too soon.


Never too soon for Daigo.


i really like daigo’s shirt.