Drive 60 miles for a TE stick?


should i do it? :o i think i will! been stickless far too long.


No, unless you are positive wherever you’re going has it and will hold it for you.


Hell yeah, I would do it but just to make sure that he can hold it for you until you can get there.


if the stick is gone think of it as a scenic road trip


i would drive 500 miles and i would drive 500 more lol


Terrible …

If they’ll hold it for you and guarantee that if you get there you can have it then It sounds like you’ve already made up your mind. I personally wouldn’t, but a nice drive and a bit of exploration is always fun.


No, you shouldn’t do it.


If you want it badly… go get it :slight_smile:


60 miles is nothing, just make sure they hold the stick for you


I would definitely do it if they put it on hold for you. 60 miles is not all that much, especially if you have a fuel efficient car.


Yes If they hold it for you…No If they dont…

Make sure the place aint gangster-ish…you might get shot :smiley:


My sentiments exactly. I always bring at least one more person with me in case something goes down and let someone know where I’m going before I leave so when I turn up dead, the police have one person who knows my last whereabouts and that will help locate mine and my friends bodies.


60 miles ain’t shite. My closest gs is 50 miles and that’s where I preordered mine. Tell them bitches to hold it like everyone else said. Otherwise don’t waste your gas.


Now THAT’S planning ahead! haha


Hell yeah…you dont wanna die just going to gamestop do you???


oh 60 miles is so not worth it. man, why would you want to do that? save your gas and dont bother!

…by the way, can you PM me the location of the store that has it? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think most of the posters are too young to get this one…


I actually drove quite a ways to get mine and I definitely put it on hold. I think you should, it’s well worth it.


Just to be the man who drove 1,000 miles to fall down at your door…

  • breaks out into chorus *



I don’t feel so ancient now that someone else recognized it :rofl: