Drive won't burn or read my CDs

Is it because the lens is dirty. I can hear it running then stop.

Mine did pretty much the same thing last year, it would spin up the disc but wouldn’t read or burn anything. I cleaned it, unhooked it, reinstalled and nothing worked for me. I needed a drive so I ended up just ordering a new one for $25 off of

I’m not saying thats what is wrong with yours, but it sounds similar to what happened to mine. DVD burners are so cheap these days they’re not too hard to replace.

Is there like some type of CD that cleans the lens or whatever?

It might as well be a software issue and the easiest way to tell would be testing the optical drive outside the OS, just try a bootable CD like the windows installation CD, if it does boot then you probably have conflicting software, if it doesn’t boot your drive could be dirty or dying already.

There’s a bunch of stuff you can try like updating the drive’s firmware, you can also try booting into safe mode and attempt to browse the contents of a data CD, if it all started out of blue and you haven’t really installed any new software most likely the lens itself is the problem.

Yeah its been pretty much out of the blue. thanks for the help.