Driven to Street Fight! Edmonton, AB-August 7th: 2010: SSFIV

Driven to Street Fight! (Super Street Fighter IV tournament)

Venue Fee: $15
Entrance fee for Super Street Fighter IV: $10

Tournament flyers
Flyer 1
Flyer 2

What: Super Street Fighter IV Tournament at the Driven Car show
When is it: Saturday August 7th 2010 @ 2PM
Where is it at: Mayfield Trade Center,
16615 - 109th Avenue loc: Alberta T5P 4K8, Canada Map
System: Xbox 360
Tournament is Double Elimination

This tournament will have a Starter pot of $ 750.00 plus $5.00 off of every tournament entry will go towards the starter pot. :looney:

With an expectation of over 70 competitors this event will quickly go from $750.00 to $1,100 on the line. The largest Tournament prize pot in the history of Alberta!!! ARE YOU READY?!!

Prize money will be paid out to 1st 2nd 3rd as 60, 30, 10!

Rules will fallow the tournament standard as always…
Which can be found here


This tournament will be sponsored by “Just for Fun”


prepare for chun madness

good conversation we had last night about how paying out top 8 would be a great idea!

how would you guys pay out top 8? when was this? lol

what’s the point?

i’d rather have the top finisher handed a wad of cash than everyone in top 8 collecting a pittance

i’m not even a contender for top 3 and this is what i believe

Ah Steve and I were just chatting as we were playing, nothing serious.

Argument being that the number of people who can reach top 3 skillwise is pretty limited. Whereas the top 8 is within reach of a larger group which would add more excitement and increase player interest.

You can still pay top 3 a hunk of change by doing something like:

1 35%
2 25%
3 15%
4-8 5% (25%)

I think Jonathans tourney (forgot the name) durring the summer 2009 was the highest paying. Just 1st place was 1k (300-500 for 2nd can’t remember). 4th place and down don’t deserve anything.

haha well atleast this event is already getting some talk…

Xfoo, I talked with Jpizzle about it later on. We agreed that this isn’t something that we should try with this event. We have to compete with animethon and i think capital x on the same day as this tournament. So it would not make

I added the slick flyers to the first post, check them out.

If we can, we should try an Edmonton vs Calgary… just for fun =)

I was also considering having atleast one setup for the new blazblue.

capital ex ends on Aug 1, the only think you have to compete with is animethon and folk fest

Bleh Folk fest isn’t what I’m worried about, more so animethon… but honestly if your in edmonton during animethon, you should check out this event anyways.!!

I think having BB there for a “launch” tournament would be pretty slick… if its out in time =/

Paying out top 8 in a prize pool we will estimate at $1000-$1250 would result in nobody making any “good money”. If there was more money in the pot, like 2k+ I think we should do top 8 but as it stands there is just not enough to go around. If I payed 25 dollars to enter a, lets say 64+ man tourney and won and I got 350 I would not be satisfied. Especially if I traveled to be there

I honestly want top 8 payouts, but for that to happen we will need 20 dollar entry fees on top of whatever site fee is already there, and seeing as how most gamers are broke ass I expect a lot of crying about the price.

In other news: We should totally do a 20 dollar entry tourny next

I agree,

but that doesn’t mean this tournament cant still be hyped. hot models, sick cars and a street fighter tournament with a nice prize =)

Hey Steve sorry to cut you off today but I was working overtime on a critical issue.

To answer your question BB:CS comes out on July 27th so it will be out in time for the tournament. Whether you want to do a launch tourney for this tournament is up to you. I’ll attend and enter but I don’t think I can help out too much. Work has been getting stupid for me lately.

no problem work is work haha

I think it would be cool to add the new BB to this event. Regardless of the amount of people who enter, it can only be a good way to kick off the scene

i dont wanna be a pot monster id rather money match… jk

I hope your kidding mel :stuck_out_tongue: for real tho, there’s no shame in being a pot monster. If anyone is actually ashamed of being a pot monster they need to step up and put in time.

I look at it as me buying lunch for the winner of the tourney to say congrats LOL

Im really looking forward to this event and i hope i can make it. This will be my first Street Fighter tournament but i got 2 questions. I use a normal xbox 360 controller, is there any way to disable the pause button? And which character is most commonly used in tournaments (Ryu, Ken?) or is there often variety? i know they may seem like really stupid questions, but im just curious cause this will be my first time.

There is no way that I know of to disable the start button on a standard xbox pad. In Edmonton your going to see a bit of everything. There are three guys named steve that use chunli though.