Driver Problemn

So, after a topic here and some serious ideas on which should be my first arcade stick, I went for a regular $50 360 Madcatz FightStick. But I bought it modded with SAnwa Stick, bat top and Sanwa buttons. It arrived okay, all was sweet and pretty but I plugged it in my PC and it won’t recognize!

I’m on my gf’s stinky laptop, running on XP.

Find out if xbox 360 controllers work on XP

therein will lie your answer

Is it 360 or PS3? lulz

He said Xbox 360 in the Post.

Oh come on, it doesn’t work? =s Or should I just get a regular 360 wired controller driver?

Oh ok, just installed the regular wired controller driver in here, it’s recognized and all, but the emulators don’t seem to notice the actual joystick, just the buttons!

Yeah just did that, the emulators I tried so far don’t recognize the stick, only the buttons when I’m configuring it

What do you have the LS/DP/RS switch set on?

I tried with all of 'em on! =x

Try setting it up in windows before you go to the emulators

Sorry but I… have no idea what u mean by “setting it up in Windows”.

Ok guys, so I go up to the X360 to test it on the real thing…

and then, guess what? NO RESPONSE TO THE JOYSTICK!!! So I get pretty desperate, “I got ripped off at eBay”! But then I calm down, open the controller and oops, there’s one wire loose. Plug it in and it all works both on PC and 360.

Now I have only one question: how can I tell if the buttons and joypad are, indeed, Sanwa? I could have some pictures of it here if neccessary. Thanks!

It says SANWA on buttom of Button.
Also on the Restrictor Gate for Joystick.
And Base for Joystick (after remove Joystick PCB).

There is no Joypad.

Okay! It is Full Sanwa, then! :karate:

Now, what was that goo just beneath the PCB?

Silicone grease.