Driver to convert POV signal into an analog signal


The topic title is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve been using an EX2 on my PC for various games including a lot of doujin fighters and shmups that aren’t exactly the best programmed things in the world. A lot of these games don’t support the POV hat signals that the EX2 sends and want an analog signal instead.

As a temporary fix, I’ve been using Joy to Key, but given the ways the games detect a device, this sometimes fails and depending on how the game is programmed the control will constantly be stuck at up or down or whatever.

So does anyone know of a custom driver to use for this kind of scenario, or will I just have to stick to Joy to Key or other key mapping software?


Ditch joy to key and use xpadder


Alternately, you might be able to use XBCD. I’ve never used it with an EX2, but it fixes the same problem with the MadCatz sticks. You can map POV to analog and even fix the problem where buttons above 10 don’t register in games like Melty.


any 360 controller is supported by XBCD you just have to add it to the list, which involves editing an ini file IIRC. I can’t remember many details but I had to do this to get a 360 dance pad working on my pc (changed POV switch to buttons)


Is there a similar solution for non-XBOX controller like the Paewang/PS360 PS3 mode?


Those emulate a 360 controller well enough that I’d expect every suggestion in this thread to work.