Driving Instructors Can Be Paid With Sex In The Netherlands

I wonder if there’s levels to this based on expertise?

“Ok now sign here and here for the deluxe ‘Tokyo Drift’ package.”

One teaches you to drive and you teach the other stick shift. I’m ok with this.

So how does one even approach the subject?

-Hot girl gets in car-

“…so you heard about that new law right?”


No mention of roadhead?

Now if only theyd make this legal in america for smashbros lessons then maybe some of those pimple faced weebs would actually get some pussy

Or dicc

Bags packed, flight booked

So you get fucked 1st before you teach? Awesome model.

Wait, but that’s so cheap, a driving lesson costs like how much? 60 bucks? Sex for 60 bucks? Who’d actually take those lessons? Washed up crack whores who want to feel wanted again? I heard sex is even cheaper in Germany though.

50 Euros in Germany

^ how do you know nigga :bee:

are there even ugly girls in germany? I always picture EVERYONE like this there…

What the heck, this is the one of those topics I didn’t see coming, no pun intended.



it’s a christmas miracle \ /


Female drivers can barely handle one stick and now they’re getting a 2nd one?

Yeah I’d stay inside from now on.

Driving for pussy

I bet you this is what really happened to Dale Earnhardt.

Faked his death to move to Amsterdam.

That would suck if a poor dude gets stuck w/ a male driving instructor.

Are you telling me that a plot used in a porno could actually happen in real life?

Mind = blown.

More serious now, It’s legal to “offer lessons in return for sex”, but is it illegal to refuse any payment from a student unless it’s sex?

Also, if that letter was what changed the ministers’ minds, that’s political correctness gone overboard, haha.

I know what I want to be when I grow up now.