driving to evo

what up norcal. ok so basically im trying to see if anyone from norcal that is driving to evo has space for an extra guy, me. Ive got no ride over there as of yet. All attempts to get a ride so far have come up dry. most of my crew is flying and that is not an option for me at this time. so, if anyone is driving, has an open spot and doesnt mind letting me ride with them, that would be awesome. obviously i will help pay for gas and whatever else is needed on the way there. I am located in salinas and i would need to be picked up on the way down. i know mapquest has you guys taking pacheco pass or geting to 99 or 5 from the bay or whatever, but you can still get there by going straight south down 101 with not much detour or time added. thanks for reading. hopefully someone gets back to me. lata

hey kelly, ill ask my bro to see if we have space left in our big-ass van we rented.

I wanna go :frowning:

sweet, that would be awesome, let me know. thanks

Dude nima chrisis was looking for a ride down there…but he thought your van was full.

it is now

Yo killakelley i spoke to mark today and he asked for a spot for you. Talk to him about more details or shoot me a pm with your number and i will call you for more details.

off topic.

killakelly, was browsin through the replays and say your gouken. impressive. ill add you so we can play sometime, didnt know you were local.

Chiming in to repeat what Lonestar said, desperately looking for a way to get there, I can take half a seat since I’m thin!

ramin, pm sent.

thanks man, hit me up whenever, im always down to play,especially locals, norcals got the best comp IMO.


cept for hondas, i havent played one from here that has matched yours :wink:

Our ride is going to be interesting

any more room? will pitch in for gas.

*edit have laptop so we can play on the road =)

Tyram when you said that quote in Kellys sig, were u referring to the E-40 song?