Drom's August 21st SSFIV Event! Stream by Thxyoutoo!

Important!!! Park in the public parking lot at the Amtrak station for free all-day parking on Saturday! Park here to prevent a ticket!

What: PS3 Super Street Fighter IV Tournament!

When: Saturday, August 21st. Signups begin at 12pm and the event begins at 2pm.

Where: Drom’s Comics & Cards
231 G Street Suite 4
Davis, CA 95616
ph: 530 758 2280
web: dromscomics.com

Cost and Prize Format: $12 entry fee with 70/20/10 going to top 3. Venue takes $2 per entry, another $2 goes toward livestream and $8 goes toward prizes.

1 CRT/42" Vizio LCD for the streamed matches. I’m aiming for 3 additional setups on Evo Monitors, for a total of 4 setups.
We will have 2 TE sticks and 2 Sega Saturn USB pads for use if needed.

Stream: Thxyoutoo will be providing the stream!

Top Three will get Drom’s dustwashers in addition to cash prizes!

Arthong plexi’s will be on hand for this event.

We will cap at 64 players.

Stream is here!

Top 3 Pic:

Bumped and Reserved

Thank god you are going to run the tournament.

i can dig it tournies poopin back up

Good stuff, I’m gonna be heading there from frisco.

I haven’t been to a Drom’s tourney yet. This will be my first one woop woop!

Nice. We’ll see you there!

Nice, the first Street Fighter Tourny ill be attending. See you guys on the 21st.

Art’s cases wont’ be ready for distribution by the time this event is ready to go, so I’ll try to get them for the next event instead.

this happens soon! hype hype hype.

i’m coming!

Sweet, Slompo.

For us newbies, what are the “etiquettes” of proper tourney manners?

For instance… is using the L1 button on a te stick for lp+mp+hp legit? Or just go old school and press all three?

Any info would be much appreciated…


You can button map. Turbo is not allowed. Macro based arcade sticks are not allowed.

Also shake hands with your opponent after the match - unless you hate them then I like to see people who hate each other not shake hands. That is awesome.

Good sh!t man…

This is going down in less than 12 hours. See you all there.

If you are on your way to this event but are running late please call the shop, me, or PM me so that I know there are late comers.

See you all tomorrow! :party:

I’ll be driving myself, Slompo, and possibly Magus from San Jose up to the event. We’ll be leaving the area about 11:30 or so, but we’re all sleep deprived and hung over, so we may straggle. We’ll make it by 2, though. (Hopefully).

srk calendar says this tourney is on the 22nd. haha

Stream is up at: dromscomics on USTREAM: . Gaming Entertainment