Drom's Comics & Cards -ROBBED Please help donate to pick Drom's back up!

A good friend to the fighting game community had a bad weekend and now I’m asking that the fighting game community please come together and help this man out guys.Haunts is already on board with me on this matter and I’m working on writing a story about it and I will send it to him later tonight. On Saturday night after Jenkins (Jinxmitchell on SRK) closed Drom’s for the night around 8:45 to 9 pm. someone later in the night broke into the comic shop by throwing a rock through the glass door as well as breaking a glass container which contained multiple Magic cards which the individual quickly gathered up and then left the scene. All together this resulted in about $5,000 worth of Damages to the comic shop. Yes, Drom’s does have insurance, but it will not be enough to recover most of the money which was lost.

I had a small interview on the phone with Jenkins Tonight after I got home from work and I told him not to worry and that we as a community got your back man and will do our best to help pick you up from this situation that you are in. Jenkins also told me that he almost had to shut down Drom’s completely because of this but the Magic community came together and is doing there best to help him as well.I was really happy to hear this news from Jenkins and to hear that Drom’s will stay open after all.

Drom’s is still very much hurt after this incident so I’m bringing this to you guys now. For those of you who do not know Jenkins or have never been to Drom’s before. It is located in Davis California and has been a big player in that area of Nor Cal for the past few years. players such as Thnxyoutoo, Jack, 200yen, mine, X-ray, lilsicx, p-viper, Romeo, and a handful of other players go to these tourney’s held at Drom’s on a regular basis. Live stream’s provided by both Iplaywinner.com and FinestKO have both been held there in the past. A setup is always at Drom’s for street fighter and Marvel players to play on whenever they choose to go to Drom’s to play. Jenkins is also the one who created the Northern California tourney organizer thread.

I am now asking that we as a community come together and show our support for Jenkins and donate whatever you can to help pick Drom’s comics and cards back up from this unfortunate situation that he is in.

Pay pal info:


This is what Jenkins wanted me to relay to all of you in the fighting game community.
Jenkins “ I don’t know what to say, when I was younger I played every fighting game as it came out like ST and stuff. I never got into the scene hardcore but once I discovered srk I got into it. I run a business so I don’t have time to train as much as id like to so I throw tourneys for all of you guys. I just love holding events for all of you. I really really appreciate the community so much. I saw the reaction to the Japan issue and I love how the community all came together and helped each other out. I am very appreciative of all of you and what you do for the community. Thank you all for your support”
-Jenkins Mitchell

please help and show your support Nor Cal!

also: A poster is being made for all streams by shway and Raikanami so thanks to them for taking the time to throw together something for the streamers to post up when tourneys are going on. please have the poster get posted for the next 3 weeks so that we can help out Jenkins as best as we can. I will also be sending that poster to haunts and you all will see it soon so once again thank you so much for all of your support!

in addition Jenkins has told me that the next tourney that Drom’s holds will have NO venue fee like it normally does. he is calling this an appreciation tournament as his thanks to all of you that help to support him. he appreciates all that is being done for him by the gaming community.


Next tourney im there. Sorry to hear about this Jenkins.

WOW someone really broke in, We should do a Donate tourney there also.

Much respect to Jenkins for also being so kind to me my first time at droms, Ill donate.

We’ll be running a campaign on IPW and also all of our streams to help support this cause. If there is anything else we can do let me know please!

You guys are seriously going above and beyond! I don’t know what to say. Thank you!

donated :slight_smile: ^^

Is it possible to run a fund raiser tournament there at Drom’s? I’d be willing to run brackets and help organize stuff as much as possible. Of course FKO will be willing to stream the event as well.

I’m going to donate shortly, but if I can do anything else, let me know!

Is it possible we can get a STICKY on this?

damn sorry to hear about this.

July 8th’s RAMnation will be a donation tourney dedicated to helping Droms! Everyone who can attend please do!


Trying to figure out how I can help. :frowning:

You have my support from socal

This is great to see support towards one of Nor Cals most consistent fighting game supporters!

Here goes the slide I did up for the starbase stream last night, and you best believe it’ll be up on the ramnation stream tomorrow night.

Droms Slide

I put together a SOS video for you guys, and spreading it to as many people as I can.

Anyone on the thread, if you can spread this around too it would be great, thanks.

We’ll be making a post on Monday when we get the most traffic to help support this.

Sick video!!!

Too good!!!

I’m ok with this if you guys would like to.

RAMnation July 8th donation tourney is a GO!!!

Updated my video to reference this, thanks Tyram. :]

In all seriousness would donating my magic/yugioh cards help?

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