Drom's Comics & Cards -ROBBED Please help donate to pick Drom's back up!

The store has had people donate their cards to the shop!

Yes, we’ve had a lot of support from the Magic community, as well as the Fighting game community. We appreciate everything everyone has been doing for us. I don’t mean to ignore posts, I’m just still getting used to accepting all of this. Thanks!

If I bring all my magic and yugioh cards to the ramnation will you be there to receive?

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I’ll try to get someone to cover the store for me so I can head out to Fairfield.

I hope you can make it to RAMnation Jenkins!

That would be some hype shit!!!

Check out the front page of IPW baby!!!

Thanks haunts!!!

cant make the tournies but donated buddy!

I’d like to thank everybody for all of the work and support.

I’d especially like to thank Tyram for getting everything started; Haunts for lending us IPW’s support; Dacidbro for the great promo video; and Shway & Raikanami for the poster.

July 8th Droms comics & cards donation tourney information!

sign ups start at 9pm and will end around 11 pm as usual

buy in for AE is $5
buy in for mvc3 is $5

pay out:

1st place for both games will get a t-shirt PLUS FREE ENTRY into the Droms comics & cards appreciation tourney being held by Jenkins later in the month!

2nd place for both games will get a Droms t-shirt or a hat

3rd place for both games will get a Droms t-shirt or a hat

ALL OF the money going into both games will be personally given to Jenkins tomorrow night after everything is done. I really hope to see alot of people tomorrow night and if you want to make personal donations to Jenkins himself lets not forget that HE WILL BE IN THE FUCKING BUILDING TOMORROW NIGHT! so please come by and say hi and have some fun!

see you all tomorrow night!