Drom's June 26th SSFIV in Davis, CA! IPW Stream!

Important!!! Park in the public parking lot at the Amtrak station for free all-day parking on Saturday! Park here to prevent a ticket!

What: PS3 Super Street Fighter IV Tournament!

When: Saturday, June 26th. Signups begin at 12pm and the event begins at 2pm.

Where: Drom’s Comics & Cards
231 G Street Suite 4
Davis, CA 95616
ph: 530 758 2280
web: dromscomics.com

Cost and Prize Format: $10 entry fee with 70/20/10 going to top 3. Venue takes $2 per entry and $8 goes toward prizes.

1 CRT/42" Vizio LCD for the streamed matches. I’m aiming for 3 additional setups on Evo Monitors, for a total of 4 setups.
We will have 2 TE sticks and 2 Sega Saturn USB pads for use if needed.

Stream: Thxyoutoo will be providing the stream for iPlaywinner.

Top Three will get Drom’s dustwashers in addition to cash prizes!

I’ll do my best to get a new supply of plexi’s for this event.

Watch for the $1 entry winner-takes-all TMNT Tournament Fighters side-tourny with SNES pads!

Last time we got 58 people. This time we will cap at 64 players.

**Sign ups will be capped at 64 players. **
If you are going to be late you had best call a friend or the store and inform us you are on your way with an estimated time of arrival. If you are so late that you are delaying the tournament you will be disqualified and your spot may be sold to someone in the event there are players waiting to join the tournament. Some people called us saying they were coming and then never showed up.

Blind Select and Ultra Swaps will follow Official Evo rules.

Do not leave without telling the person running brackets.
I actually don’t care personally if you leave. However, it is frustrating not only for me as a tournament director but it is also frustrating for other players waiting to play their matches and not knowing what is going on. Please be considerate of the rest of the tournament participants and only leave if I (who is running the bracket) says you have time to pick up food. And when you pick up food, get it to go for Christ’s sake and come back asap.

If you are leaving the tournament completely please let me know so I don’t ask for “Flakey Mother Fucker (916)” for an hour.

my bday weekend. i hope im not in FL!

2nd post updated with additional need to know info. Also please sticky.

Someone teach me the most broken character in TMNT. I will practice this along with Tetris Attack o_o

cyber shredder, plays like ST balrog.

Oh my god, all over it

C. Shredder is mid-tier.
Loses to Don, Armaggon (7-3 on a good day), Raph, and to an extent, Wingnut.
Maybe Mike too.
He can also get locked down really easily.
Though he does have hilarious Super setups (Whiff Aura Knee xx Super, FREE STUN, j.HP, cr.HP, HP Aura Crusher, you dead)

I will MM anyone for any amount in a C. Shredder mirror.

Most broken character is either Armaggon or Raph.
Raph is fucking broken as hell, he is CE Bison status, while Armaggon is WW Guile status.
Pick your broke.

Oodles of information, I may learn Armaggon (if he has a backfist move, I’ll play him just because Guile’s backhand was badass)

Also, hurrah to the fact that you can view full results in Challonge now YESYESYES

He doesn’t have a backfist, all you need is his cr.HK, that thing is godlike, and he has a Dhalsim air drill that can lead to the 2nd dumbest tick throw setups in the game, behind Raph’s Psycho Crusher to throw setup which I’m pretty sure is totally inescapable 100% of the time. Just zone with his booms, cr.LK/HK if they get close, flash kick them out of the air if you have charge and st.LP/HK if you don’t, j.d+HP tick throw setup, and all around just be a dick.

  1. Pick Karai.
  2. Spam either j.HP or b.LP
  3. ???

Oh godddd, if Karai isn’t banned…

Just wanted to say that I was present for the May tourney and you guys did a hell of a job putting that on. I’ve already requested the time off from work so I should be a participant in this one too.
I am looking forward to it!
Practicing everyday, baby!
but… Red Dead isn’t making it easy…

lol is there an actual tier list for tournament fighter?

Talk to Team Spooky and prepare to have your mind blown haha they repped the living hell out of that game

iirc the tier list is something like




Chrome Dome



OG Jackie Chan status.
Im pretty sure Hiro used to play back in the day, ask him for some legit strats :rofl:

I’ll be here.

i wish we can just play tmnt on emulator with te sticks =/

i will go and i will try and bring some people from the area. I garantuee one of us will win. Put money on that shit.

This guuuuuy ^

how much money?