Drom's March 14th SFIV in Davis, CA! IPW Stream!

What: PS3 Street Fighter IV Tournament!

When: Sunday, March 14th. Signups begin at 12pm and the event begins at 2pm.

Where: Drom’s Comics & Cards
231 G Street Suite 4
Davis, CA 95616
ph: 530 758 2280
web: dromscomics.com

Cost and Prize Format: $10 entry fee with 70/20/10 going to top 3. Venue takes $2 per entry and $8 goes toward prizes.

1 CRT/42" Vizio LCD for the streamed matches. I’m aiming for 3 additional setups on Evo Monitors, for a total of 4 setups.
We will have 2 TE sticks, 2 IL equipped X-Arcade sticks (PSX PCB’s and inPin adapters) and 2 Sega Saturn USB pads for use if needed.
Also, there’s a Pepsi machine with $1.25 20oz bottles.

Stream: Thxyoutoo will be providing the stream for iPlaywinner.

Stuff we should have on hand for sale:
inPin PS2 to PS3 adapters - $25
Xconverter 360 Plus PS2 to Xbox 360 adapters - $25
MAS Systems Super Pro Sticks $100 + tax (If I don’t sell out too fast before hand)
Madcatz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Round 2 Fightsticks $140 + tax
Madcatz Xbox 360 pads (Not the SFIV ones, I’m talking about the ones modders use for the PCB) $25 + tax
Arthong Plexi plates for Madcatz TE

Top Three will get Drom’s dustwashers in addition to cash prizes!

Pics of the event:

38 players in all. A lot of you Bay Area and Sacramento Valley guys showed up. Thanks so much!

Mike and Hiro showing us what sexy is.

Top 3, Tyram and a guy who’s name I don’t know, but was a pretty cool guy when I talked to him. For someone who smiles so much, I think it’s odd that I can’t snap a pic of Ryan where he even looks happy. Especially since every time he’s getting a pic at Drom’s, he’s just won money!

I Play Winner will be there!

PS3. Will be played on ASUS Monitors and CRTs.

Second to last SFIV tournament before Super!

I replaced the HRAP’s with TE’s and I just got my second setup yesterday, so that’s one more ASUS and PS3 for us to use. Now I need to unlock everybody… So tedious.

Can I get this stickied?

Do you guys have any of the TE Black Acrylic Extended Covers for sale at your store? I might also go out and buy a MAS stick with those converters.

Same day as Fuddruckers?

yeah this is they same day ass Fudds. Is there anyways you can reschedule for another day?

I’ll talk to my guys I guess. This was scheduled in late January.

rescheduled. Sticky please! =)

I’ll do what I can to make it out! Can’t wait to see all the competition

I’ll be there.

please make this thread like a slutty sorority freshmen - sticky.

Alright, who can bring setups this time around? We’ll have the one from the store, and I’ll bring another setup I got just for events. So I’ll be able to provide: 2 PS3, 1 Evo monitor, 1 CRT/42" Vizio, 2 TE’s, 2 inpin/X-Arcade/IL sticks and for you pad players, I’ll have a couple of Saturn USB pads available for use. Currently unlocking all characters on the extra setup, and it’s tedius as hell…

Romeo --> PS3 :tup:

I shall bring an asus and a ps3

SO Reno Will be coming to this this time hopefully with more than one person.:stuck_out_tongue:

I shall bring a mad kats fight pad for the xbox, wait its ps3…Fml

Don’t worry. We’ve got USB Saturn pads for pad players to use!

I can’t wait to get Reno to this tournament, this is going to be the shit!!