Drom's March 14th SFIV in Davis, CA! IPW Stream!

hmm i’l see what i can do since you sweet talked me with saturn pads…

Just over a week to go!

So Drom’s has 1 setup, I’m bringing a setup with an ASUS, Mike is bringing a setup with an ASUS, but who else brought one last time? We had 3 last time and I’d like to make it 4 this time.

So I’m for sure going! Can’t wait!!

sicx will b there, this is my fav turny

I’m comin for you Sicx I’m comin to tear your ken and you down, show you whats up Gief style! I can’t wait to come to this!!!

I will be here. Most likely making appearance with the famed Slompo.

Lesee, Boxers present should be Romeo, Mike, Parker, Leo, and any others. LET’S DO WELL GUYS

what about the ken army?sicx sicx sicx sicx and sicx oraoraoraoraora

Haha actually I may not be in attendance, but I can still make my PS3 available. We’ll see…


Is anyone coming to this tournament from the Bay Area? Filipino Champ perhaps? I need to help Slompo get a ride.

Ima be, Ima be here boys and I’m bringing some more of Reno Crew, can’t wait!

I don’t play boxer. I play guile!

IPW will be there in full effect.

So much has changed after you beat John.

Random Question: Is there wifi at this place?

yes there is. And if Fedex were 1 day faster, we’d have the Madcatz Type S sticks, but they are showing up on Monday instead…

I am supplying an ASUS + PS3. ROLL call for setups please.

I can borrow Matthew Pi’s ASUS + PS3 as well.

I wanna try to come

Supplying PS3 - just need an ASUS for a third setup.

Coooool. Is it free wifi or pay per hour or something?

Thanks for your response!

wifi is free. as long as people aren’t interrupting the live stream feed it’ll be available. however, if we find that people are downloading or youtubing too hardcore during the event we’ll disable it.