Drom's March 14th SFIV in Davis, CA! IPW Stream!

blk brotha and I will try to be there


I just lugged a setup down to the shop today. I’ll see you all tomorrow!

I’ll be there, I really want to buy some Art’s Full Plexi!

I also need to start repping the Sakura players.

crap,sicx got wasted sicx broke phone,sicx need ride to droms

Hey guys don’t forget it’s daylight savings today.

Sorry dudes, not gonna be able to make it car got a flat hella gay! So Reno can’t make it I’m sorry!

Forgot about DST can’t make it at 2pm, still in bayarea :frowning:

who won?

Upload the bracket to tonamento?

I’ll post tomorrow with pics and results. I didn’t know the guy who won and I don’t want to mess up the name. Second was Filipino Champ (Sim, Seth) and third was Korea (Sagat).

I was sorry to not have the Reno guys there but I hope to see you all next time.

  1. Vangief (Gief)
  2. Filipino Champ (Sim)
  3. 200 yen (Sagat)
  4. Tinh (Sagat)
  5. Hydro (Blanka)
  6. Hoodaman (Honda)
  7. Eric Choi (Rufus)
  8. ???

vangief is the pad master gief

vangief? must be hmong. if so, good shit, if not still good shit. the champ beat me pretty bad when he came to fresno.

We split the pot we didnt play each other for real since we play each other all the time
by the way whats up with fresno ?? are you guys goin to reno ? or wcw??

OP updated with pics. Thanks for everybody who came out. We’ll get a date for the next event up soon!