Drom's Presents: Super Street Fighter IV: AE & Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament!


[LEFT]Important!!! Two-hour parking is in effect in Downtown Davis on Saturdays! There are places to park just a few blocks away that do not have timed parking such as, the Amtrack parking lot![/LEFT]

[LEFT]What: PS3 Marvel vs Capcom 3 & Super Street Fighter IV Tournament![/LEFT]

[LEFT]When: Saturday, June 25th. Signups begin at 12pm and the event begins at 2pm.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Where: Drom’s Comics & Cards[/LEFT]
[LEFT]231 G Street Suite 4[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Davis, CA 95616[/LEFT]
[LEFT]ph: 530 758 2280[/LEFT]
[LEFT]web: dromscomics.com[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Cost and Prize Format: $8 per game with 70/20/10 going to top 3. Venue fee is $4 (half goes toward livestream).[/LEFT]

[LEFT]PS3’s and Evo monitors as needed.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Stream: By Coopa![/LEFT]

[LEFT]We will cap at 64 players.[/LEFT]

"anything goin' down tonight?" - The Fresno Thread

Sicx will be there


Bump for this weekend!


See you all in a bit!


heading over soon with a setup!





  1. p viper


  1. x-ray


Hey guys, we were robbed the night of the tournament, and the Police have asked for a list of the people who attended the tournament, in addition to a list of regular customers. I believe this is to let them know of the people we don’t suspect, so if you were at the event, or know of people who were there, please post it. Thanks.


Sorry to hear that. I was at the tournament but left a bit early.


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Bummer guys. I was in town for orientation and I was thinking about dropping by. Hope everything turns out okay.


Fuck I really hope that this shit won’t cause you to shut down Droms Jinx!!!

I really hope the cops catch the mother fuckers responsible.

How much $$$ would you say value wise was taken Jinx?

Let me know ASAP! Fundraiser tourney for Droms at RAMnation will happen to support you Jinx just let me know. We got your back.



Yeah, I’ve been working with the police trying to bounce ideas, but so far no luck. It was about $5,000 worth of the nicer single cards from the case. I felt sick when I first got the call, but people have been rallying behind us ever since, so I’m keeping my figers crossed. Thanks for the support.