Drom's & Thxyoutoo Present: Marvel vs Capcom 3 - March 12th

Important!!! Two-hour parking is in effect in Downtown Davis on Saturdays! There are places to park just a few blocks away that do not have timed parking. The Amtrack parking lot may now be monitored on Saturday (I haven’t confirmed this yet). Edit: Amtrack parking lot is free on Weekends still!

What: PS3 Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament!

When: Saturday, March 12th. Signups begin at 12pm and the event begins at 2pm.

Where: Drom’s Comics & Cards
231 G Street Suite 4
Davis, CA 95616
ph: 530 758 2280
web: dromscomics.com

Cost and Prize Format: $12 entry fee with 70/20/10 going to top 3. Venue takes $2 per entry, another $2 goes toward livestream and $8 goes toward prizes.

1 CRT/42" Vizio LCD for the streamed matches with 3 additional setups on Evo Monitors, for a total of 4 setups.
We will have 2 TE sticks and 2 Sega Saturn USB pads for use if needed.

Stream: Thxyoutoo will be providing the stream!

Top Three will get Drom’s dustwashers in addition to cash prizes!

A limited selection of Arthong plexi’s will be on hand for this event.

We will cap at 64 players.

Stream will be here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/iplaywinner


Bump. Sticky please. =)

Count me in!

jesus is it this week already

No SSF4 =(

ssf4 tourney at the end of the month D:

King Kau and myself will be there.


Going to be there to record how free Ram is.

Yo I’ll make it down for this.

3 randoms from the east bay may be coming…
Myself and 2 friends who have never entered a tourney.
Hope to have some fun! :tup:

It’s been a while Jinkens. I’ll be in attendance along with one other person. Hope drom’s has enough space for us all xD

if any1 is heading out to this from modesto/stockton area plz hit me up

Yo bro!

As a rule for mvc3 tourney please Ban the use of the “zero glitch”


Head over to iplaywinner.com to see the video!


Get hypee

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done and done

How come this thread isn’t stickied anymore?

does drom sell any buttons?

I can bring my PS3, only if someone can provide a monitor.

See you all in a few hours!