Dromstruction Weeklies Tuesdays at Davis Round Table Pizza!



Dromstruction Weeklies!

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Injustice: Gods Among Us

Davis Round Table Pizza
2151 Cowell BLVD
Davis, CA 95616

Every Tuesday. Registration opens at 5pm and brackets start at 6pm.

We’ll have two setups for AE and Marvel, and one each for Injustice and Tekken.

Payout is 70/20/10. I’ll be back to update the rules and such, but Lobo is allowed and Ferris Aircraft stage is banned until patched.

$2 venue fee and $4 entry per game.

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/598538960170609

The Sacramento (916)- "cuz we hype as S***" Thread!
The Sacramento (916)- "cuz we hype as S***" Thread!

Backflip money matches let’s go (there are freaking trampolines at the venue - $9.50 or something for an all day pass)


challenge accepted


o_o alright, I’m not backing down, but low stakes cause I am terrible at flips :rofl:


Never been to a tourney before - I think Ill go to this, If I do come excuse my shitty-ness.


http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/the-sacramento-916-cuz-we-hype-as-s-thread/46485page-161 Sacramento/Elk Grove tournaments, meetups, and info will be posted here. There are two other tournaments before this one coming up in the Elk Grove and Arden areas. No need to apologize for being bad :rofl: everyone’s usually welcoming.


I see Crackfiend, Choiboy, Ricky and FChamp on the invite list, would be awesome if they can make it, unfortunately we are too free for them…:lol:


We’ll have free NOS on hand!


They used to attend our events, but I think the Bay has so many events now that they don’t really feel the need to leave their area. Also, the FGTV guys don’t attend as many locals anymore, and John said he was semi-retiring after Evo this year.

Edit: I don’t mean to speak for anybody mentioned here. Just observations.


At minimum, how many players are needed for each tournament? I want to try tekken out, I hope Tekken has enough for this first local tournament?


Ideally 8, but if we get even only like 4 who want to play, we’ll do round robin.


aww yeah freee NOS!!!




Let’s flip David :rock:

and everyone :rock:


Where’d Allister go o_o

UMVC3: 1. Hi I’m Nasty | 2. MINE | 3. King Kong
AE: 1. 200yen | 2. Bsida | 3. HayZeus
TTT: 1. 200yen | 2. ? | 3. ?

Dunno about P4A


LOL my bad, I had to attend to something at home around 5. :frowning:


:rofl: All good. I probably would’ve done poorly anyway o_o


Persona: 1. Dark Talon, 2. Pain, 3. Wilson? I dunno.


according to finestko’s upload… it was Anthony 2nd then 3rd for Xephukai for Tag 2


thank you jenkins for awesome tourney!