Drop in FPS - XBox360 SF4

Has any else been experiencing some kind of lower frame rate when playing SF4? The only temporary cure I’ve found to work is disconnecting the hard drive then plugging back in. However, after playing for an hour or two, it will continue have a lower frame rate than normal. The choppiness gets kind of annoying :confused:

Any idea on how to fix this? I’ve played other games and haven’t noticed any kind of slowdown. With SF4 it’s pretty obvious, the characters freeze for a millisecond every so often during a game, even on training mode when there is no background animations.

Hmm…maybe try clearing your 360’s HDD cache-


If that does not work then it might just be your disc? Check if there are any scratches or smudges.

this has been happening to me all night long. and also i just keep randomly keep disconnecting out of matches and its getting on my last nerve

I’ll give this a shot, thanks for the quick response!

let us know if/how much it helps

Can you install SFIV on 360? Thats what I did on my PS3 and my online matches were considerably more fluid.

^ Yes you can and he ought to if he hasn’t tried that yet