DROP™ Metal Arcade Stick for PlayStation®3 & for Xbox 360®


Hi guys,
I am Eric from the brand of gaming peripheral, DROP™. We will launch the latest metal arcade sticks for PS3 and for Xbox 360. We believe the High quality and the gamer will support finally. That’s why we choose the different material to make them. I have an idea to hold the soft selling with lower price to make our friends here to get the first try. If you want to take them, you could tell me. Thanks very much. Hope I post here not conflict the rule of Tech Talk. If yes, I will remove the thread asap.



DROP™ FireDragon Metal Arcade Stick for PlayStation®3




I see your based in Taiwan, whats the retail going to be on these in US dollars? how much do these full metal arcade sticks weigh?


That is a sexy… sexy stick.
More pics and info! We want stats!


Hi RosserRooster, Thanks for questioning.
DROP™ based in Taiwan and the development are in Taiwan as well. Their SRP would be $230usd(FireDragon PS3) and $250usd(BlueWolf Xbox 360) and each get 3.8kgw. We hope to launch them as soon as possible in order to make them played by the friends here. Thanks!


It seems the picture of the PS3 version you posted is broken, or it’s just me. But if it’s not just me this is what it looks like


The art of the 360 version look cool(pun not intended). But the one on the PS3 version looks even hotter(pun not intended…ok, both were intentional). Thanks for posting up the info Eric, we will be looking forward to your product.


Thanks Clone1B, you could click the links to learn more. We list the detailed specification in the product pages.


I think one thing that is on many people’s minds when a new stick comes out are:
Does it have a Common Ground PCB?
What do the insides look like?

Understandable if you’d rather not divulge this, and if you’d rather have people purchase them, and open them up themselves to reveal to everybody, since that’s generally what we do with new sticks coming into the market, but they’re both selling points around here.

Also, I see that the JLFs don’t use mounting plates in the DROP sticks. Do they have similar Mounting brackets to that of Taito Vewlix panels, which also mount without mounting plates on the JLF?


Aren’t these sticks KDIT’s sticks?


Thanks Nerrage, it’s the chance I could introduce the inner of DROP sticks. Thanks again, really!









Looks like the same board as the 2-PCB qanba


I’m sorry, I can’t see any of these pictures. I’d really like to. :sad:


If you are using Firefox, just right click and pick view image, the rest should be obvious.


The images are goo.gl links.
Metal cases? Get hype, Chairs are now not the most dangerous thing at NEC!


Oh, thanks!
That’s a nice touch with the JLF. Will you be able to swap it out from that small cut out in the panel?


“Rapid stick replace hole” jokes withstanding… It looks decent.

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Yep, I thought I’d seen these cases somewhere before…


very interesting, i just saw the review on kotaku, i figured there would be a thread here. So, 250 sounds kinda pricey…


oh christ…


Even with a metal case, it’s still quite expensive at $230. Especially considering that something like an eTokki OMNI, which also has a metal case AND has PS3 and XBox 360 support out of the box goes for $30 less.


I paid a shade more than those metal sticks for my B15.

Just food for thought.

Also, that artwork doesn’t look like it belongs on a $200+ stick.