DropOff needs a premium avatar

Well I have premium now and I decided nows the time to get a bigger avatar while I can.I have two requests you can take either/or I’m not biased at this point.

The first one I was thinking of was a sequel to this avatar

The idea being that someone would take this picture: http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b152/vibracopter/1151783271357.png
and do something simular to the avatar quiche made me. I.e. I was hoping someone could make his mouth move to say “Premium baby” or make his glasses shine for a second or something.

The second one is more simple. I just want this gif: http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b152/vibracopter/AzuGif1.gif resized and when she waves her hand to the right there would be text somewhere that says “Drop” and when her hand moves back left the text would change to “Off”

Thanks in advance to who ever takes it. Love and Fuckachunks.

Too specific? Not specific enough? Too much fuckachunkz? :sad:

chunkz of teh funkz.

that should be “do-able”.

Dat foo Keesh is too good. Where is he?

If that means you’re taking my request, then much thankes shatta.

i would if i could. since i cant then i wont.

negro edit:


i’m just kiddin’. ask yeah dood 120%. he’s really good at gif editing.