Dropped Games

I use Nestopia for online Tecmo Super Bowl. We use the p2p kaillera to connect.
While in the middle of the game , the game will just Drop. Data Timeout.

Does anyone else have this problem?
Anyway to fix?
Is there better connections to use?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thx.

…I dont know, but Tecmo Super Bowl had mega uber 110 yard touch down passes

you have no patience =/

I started working on p2p this morning. It should be made by the end of the day and if not…then tomorrow.

LOL, you are right.
Im actually curious to know if it happens to others besides me n other tecmo’ers.

I wish I could say that it does but I havent used normal p2p since February. Also, I would like to get in on the Tecmo Super Bowl games.:woot:


Tecmo Super Bowl ownz J00! :rofl: