Dropped Madcatz SE

So i just bought an sf4 SE off a friend for 10$. Sadly it was dropped right on the ball top rendering the left on the joystick to not read the input. I’ve opened it up and checked what i believed to be a damaged micro switch. Everything looked good, so not sure why it’s not reading the input. Could it be that washer problem they were plagued with? Does anyone have any idea I can get it to work (remedy) and if not anyone have a used JLF-TP-8YT-SK joystick?

If it was dropped, any number of things could be wrong with it. Regardless, it’s much easier for people to help if you post pics.

Yeah, pics would help a lot. You should check to see that the wiring between the joystick and the main board hasn’t come loose anywhere. It’s likely a problem with the micro switch like you said though. You can replace individual ones or drop in a whole new stick if that’s the case. Since they only cost around $25, I’d say it’s worth it.

BTW, solid good job on scoring an SE for $10.

Do yourself a favor and just buy a JLF for 20 bucks. That stock stick isn’t any good anyways, and the JLF is soooo sexy.

Its also an easy mod. Just use the wire harness from the SE stick. If you do buy a JLF, might as well get some buttons. :smiley:

I third the JLF. Madcatz stick is alright, but arcade parts really do help.

Otherwise, it’s very likely a microswitch. They’re cheap, but I hope you know how to solder.

buy a jlf.

I agree with everyone else, for all the crap you will have to do to replace one microswitch it isn’t worth the trouble. Just get a JLF and save some time, and throw in some new buttons while you have the stick open.

thanks for all the input also I’ve planned on swapping parts out for sanwa since i also have a TE, but a bit strapped for cash since I bought toodles boards to mod the TE. I would just like this SE with a working stick at the moment hence why i asked if anyone had a cheap one for sale.
Besides that i think i figured out what the problem is:

i’m guessing the loose washer scraped up the pcb quite bad rendering the left direction microswitch to not be able to output the reading.