dropped stick

hey guys
late last night i dropped my stick face down (joystick hitting the floor)
i have dropped it in similar fashion a few times before, but now it doesnt want to work. as far as i can tell, the stick is stuck in the downward position and none of the buttons work. opened it up today and everything is connected fine. im poor so getting a new stick is out of the question. it’s a hori T5 (similar to the hrap 2) with sanwa buttons and stick.

any help would be appreciated and thanks for reading

Protip - stop dropping your stick.

Also, you may have damaged any number of things including the PCB and and joystick. if you know anyone that knows stuff about sticks i’d take it to them.

Good luck!

thanks i guess but the only person i know is me

  1. Is the stick PHYSICALLY jammed/stuck to the down position; or does the stick just ACT as if the down position is always held, but can still move freely to other directions?
  2. Post some clear pics. It’ll infinitely help people who could give you a hand with troubleshooting.

> Is the stick PHYSICALLY jammed/stuck
and i dont have a camera

How exactly do you drop your stick? I’m not too familiar with Hori T5s but I’m not sure if they’re light-weighted or the user is just very clumsy.

Anyhow, I would suggest the solutions offered above. Open your stick check to see if anything broke (cracks, dents, etc) then you might need to order replacement parts. Also the buttons should work so I’m guessing the PCB did take a beating too, so check on the PCB too.


You definitely need to open up that joystick and take pictures of the stick area and PCB. There could be a crack or line tear somewhere but nobody will know until you open it up!

DonkeyBlonkey –
I’ve owned and modded some T5’s in the past and they’re roughly equal to a standard HRAP 2/3 in weight even though the parts Hori uses in the T5’s are far inferior to the HRAP 3’s (especially the more limited HRAP 3 SA models). The Hori T5 is really closer in configuration to an HRAP 1 – same button layout minues the turbo panel the HRAP 1 has. T5’s are still great sticks for introductory mod lessons and easy to bring up to HRAP Pro-level if you follow the mod guides and install arcade parts. You don’t even have to pitch the PCB, either! Very easy to mod that PCB and continue using it as a PS2-native joystick and on the PS3 with compatible adaptors. You really don’t to get rid of the PCB unless it gets irreparably broken or you absolutely want a multi-console joystick. In that case, your options are MC Cthulu (for everything but an easy X360 option) or the PS360+ (more difficult option; also no telling when retro system compatibility will be available; the MCC is the better choice for everything but 360 compatibility out of the box).

Minor technical point – Hori never made an HRAP joystick for the PS1. All HRAP 1’s and 2’s were made for the PS2, and HRAP 3’s for the PS3. Difference this generation is that Hori broke with the traditional HRAP case (the same one used for the T5 stick) and has introduced 4 new deluxe cases to date in the past 2.5 years – the HRAP V3/VX, the limited edition HRAP VLX, the “Soul Calibur V/Gundam Extreme” case, and the Fighting Edge case (which looks to be a highly modified HRAP V3 with Hori parts and LED’s with some neat features built in).

No word yet that Hori has officially dropped the traditional HRAP case because they seem to release occasional variant limited edition HRAP’s that still use the design like the recent Tekken Tag Tournament Prologue HRAP 3.

Too be honest the only fightstick I have ever touched most commonly with is probably a TE stick. So how would you compare the weight with a TE because TEs are pretty hefty but not annoyingly hefty.

ive modded a few hrap style sticks, including the T5. you really need to take it to someone if you dont have a camera. its more than difficult to tell you how to fix this if we cant see pictures and with such vague details.

HRAP-style stick are generally a bit lighter than TE’s. I really don’t consider that a factor in whether people win or lose with sticks.

There are people that literally show up to tourneys, borrow someone else’s stick whether it’s Hori RAP, Mad Catz TE, or Mas, and still win tourneys.

Sure, there are things that are more comfortable and natural feeling but that depends on the individual. Can’t say that one size fits all.

hey guys thanks for all the responses
my stick went back to working (i just unplugged everything from the pcb) and it seems to be working better than ever