"Droppers"? (HD Remix)



What happens when people purposely drop before a ranked match is over? Do they avoid an official loss?


No…both players get losses.


That doesn’t seem like a good system. Wonder why they made it that way


I watched my friend play his first ever ranked match on his XBL account. After he won he wanted to know how he could keep track of his wins. We checked the leaderboards and it actually showed that he lost the match when he clearly won. We were so confused and distrought by what we saw that we’ve totally lost interest in ranked matches. :frowning:


In a lot of cases, it’s to prevent people from trying to boost wins in Ranked matches to “look cool” or to prevent people from intentionally dropping matches to keep a high rank after getting their shit tossed by some kid who just got the game and hasn’t played ranked before.

Personally, I think the system could have been done a bit better, since, you know, if you drop, we both take the L. Not exactly fair. Even with intentional boosting, player who stays should take the win. No question.


just wanted to add my experience. I had 19 wins and I needed one more to get the achievement. was in the middle of a round and the player dropped or left the game. as soon as he did I unlocked the achievement but i was still only at 19 wins. funny that the achievement unlocked like I won though.


That’s weird. Whenever someone disconnects on me, I get a win. I played one guy three times in about 20 minutes and he disconnected every time in the last round. I checked my weekly leaderboard and I got a win, not a loss.


I’m pretty sure it CAN give you a win. I know I got my win 100 online ranked matches from a dropper. I guess it just depends if they back out to dashboard or just exit the game… Just a guess.


See this is the kind of thing that might ruin my experience with SFIV. It’s been a while since I’ve played any Street Fighter games and I’m hoping to get my skills back up to par… but with the stories I read here… I dunno. I have very little patience for these types of things. Just how common is it to get matched to a “dropper”?


i’ve sometimes get wins when someone disconnects


i always get the win when someone drops on me. i wish so bad that they would get a loss too though. i feel like if you drop, you should get an automatic loss. why the hell not, right? stupid fucking broken ranking system.


I’m staying away from Ranked until all of the netcode issues get fixed.

It’s a real shame, because all the incredible features are there… but the most fundamental component of great online fighting gameplay - the netcode - can make even casual matches frustrating as all get out.


As moocus noted above, ranking system blows fucking baby dick so… You might as well play ranked to level up in playing because rank means nothing but dogshit in this game.

Everyone on my friend list has 0 ranking, meaning they all , over time, got screwed by the bug. And there’s still that ranked 24 nub with 1 win: 2 losses.

So… might as well play just to play.


Yeah. There were claims they had some sort of “system” in place to address droppers, but I guess that never materialized.


‘John Rambo srk’ dropped on me in a player match when my Balrog tore his Dhalsim a new asshole in the corner!!


While the droppers are annoying, its still the fastest way to get games against a multitude of characters and opponents. Sure the skill may not be as high as some of the guys duking it out in player matches, but i still learn a lot from each ranked match, and honestly I could care less about my ranking. With the bugs and all it doesn’t mean much anyway unless you are right at the top.


Ah, this is why I am 45-11. I have only lost maybe once or twice, yet I have 11 losses…:confused:


Damn i reallllllly hate droppers… I mean, it drives me crzy… I cursed out like 11 people today… Because i smashed on them with rog… Damn dude why in the hell do they do that l


Clearly because of the prize at the end of the Ladder Season.

No there really isn’t a prize… old news: people give a fuck about stats.



Its even funnier when someone rage quits on you in a NON RANKED match…lol…

If you rage quit = f**k your life.