Dropping BlazBlue =/ Any suggestions on popular competitive fighters?

BlazBlue seems not be to exactly my style, I know it’s getting a little popular here where
I’m at least but it doesn’t seem like something I would get into much anymore. Any suggestions on other popular fighters that are still being played competitively here in the states that you may recommend? Besides…SF,Tekken,and Marvel

soul calibur 4, and thats about it.

p.s. the only games getting competitive play en masse are ssf4, Tekken6, and Soul Calibur 4, everything else is second fiddle in the US until MvC3 gets released. And there’s no guarantee people will play that.

What exactly is your style then?

Did tatsunoko die off already? Because that’d be a serious shame.

I wouldn’t say “die off” so much as “there’s only a scene for it in certain parts of the country” and TvC online is a pretty bad experience with all the ragequitters, lag, and Wiimote shortcut abusers.

If you don’t like the style of BB, Tekken or SF you’re screwed as far as competitive fighters go. Soul Calibur 4 and GG to a lesser extent are the only other games played here, and GG is basically an older version of BB, and SC4 is a less skill requiring version of Tekken with more ways to gay people out.

So basically if you don’t like BB, Tekken or SF you’re fucked, just play a non-competitive fighter.

You can still play KoF on GGPO until 13 comes out

Maybe you just don’t like fighting games.


You’re obviously forcing yourself to like fighting games, but you just can’t.

That’s like the main competitive fighters game out of the equation. Or do you play these already and didn’t want to hear that as a suggestion?

Just meet up in person with a group that plays games and see what you like, when they explain how the games work

Go play Mortal Kombat vs DC?

play umk3 until mortal kombat 9 comes out.

Yeah… unless you comment on your “style” , i gotta say… you sound pretty screwed.

Maybe you don’t like fighters, maybe you are limiting yourself to games that are “popular.” If it’s the first that’s cool, you don’t HAVE to like fighting games. If it’s the second try out some of the older games on ggpo. Granted they aren’t played as much as SF4/Tekken6 but the new and popular games that you have tried till now are not representative of that the genre has to offer.

I know people still play it, though I hear it’ll be dead after EVO.

Any game with BlazBlue not in the title =J

If I didn’t I wouldn’t have even signed up for this site xD. The reason why I said besides SF,Tekken, and Marvel, is because I already own those games, I’m just trying to figure out what else is played competitively out there besides those games. But I see those are pretty much it, I’ll probably narrow my fighting games that I will play to SF,Tekken,and Marvel XD just the games I own idk about KoF though I here it takes tons of time.

So you want something else… that doesn’t require much work… and is popular?

Your options are SSF4, Tekken 6 and BlazBlue if you are being that picky. Nothing else is popular or easy to go to the store right now and buy at the moment.

**I know people on this forum, well most don’t approve of this game but.

There’s always Super Smash Bros. Brawl <-- (sucks compared to melee)
But you can use unofficial balance patches like brawl+ which makes the game 100x better.**

Guilty Gear? Thats similar to Blazblue though…

You can always try Guilty Gear or Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.