Dropping combos in Tournaments

So when im in training mode, I hit my combos with Balrog often most of the time (jab,jab,short,headbutt into ultra). Ive been going to these monthly tournaments in NorCal for a while and I notice something really really bad. I drop combos ALOT. Not sometimes but most of the time. Im pretty sure its nerves too but I dont feel nervous? I am not doing something right I know that much. I was wondering if anyone else has this probelm?

It’s mostly nerves. Realize that in training mode, you are under absolutely no pressure and you are in complete control of everything that’s going on. However in a live match, you never know when and where you’re going to have an opportunity to do those basic bnbs, add that on top of the fact that you’re at a tournament and you want to do well, and your nerves can be quite on edge.

Only solution is more practice, both in training mode and in live matches, along with going to more tournaments to feel at ease with the environment.

Nerves. Just keep playing, they go.

I still have mine, Droping Dudleys basic jab jab roundhouse EX MGB all day

a general rule of thumb when playing in tournaments : Don’t. Drop. Combos.

aside from your entry fee, a lot is at stake; especially when you took the time and effort to even show up in the first place. good luck!

peace out.


Meh, I only pratice combos I know i could pull off all the time. I don’t drop the ones i use anywhere.

Thanks guys for the tips and yeh I figured as much. I also need to train in training mode with a better mindset then just being so laid back about it. Back to work! :slight_smile: thanks guys.

Don’t feel nervous but you’re dropping combos you usually hit = make sure your screen at home is lagless.

Think of it as casuals. Seriously… two tips that I can help you out with, because my first Evolution experience in 2k5 was a fucking nightmare. I lost in Marvel 2 against some random MSP player that couldn’t ROM and couldnt’ keep his assists… I lost because suddenly I forgot how to mash out of HGxxTemp and I tried to solo rushdown Storm. I’m getting the shakes THINKING about that now… Spent $1k to go, get a hotel, and all this shit, to lose to a random dude, when meanwhile, I go to CTF and I was beating good players consistently…

ANYWAY… tips:

  1. get to know your opponent. It lightens the mood up. Know who you’re playing first and offer some casuals before showtime. They typically wouldn’t mind, because they can better prepare for you, and you can for them and both play your A-game. Chat with them too, and just make small talk. It puts the tournament match at a friendlier level. All the top players know each other, which is why they’re so lax when playing. It’s how they keep their cool and pull off dumb ridiculous shit on each other like it’s training mode.

  2. Wear noise-canceling headphones and listen to RELAXING, not intense music. It naturally calms you down. Even if you don’t think it is, your mind becomes more clear, and there’s science to back that up. No vocals either. Just relaxing shit… Some Mozart or Debussy or if you don’t like classical, hook up the Coltrane or Miles Davis… Some of Dr. Dre’s beats are good too, so look for instrumentals of those tracks if you want. Anything, but if you hear words, your brain will focus on that and not enough on the match.
    Groups I can suggest:
    God is an Astronaut
    Sigur Ros

I have a couple of suggestions. First, as many people have already suggested, is to practice a lot. The more you practice, the more consistently you will be able to perform combos, as eventually they’ll become second nature to you. Another suggestion I have is to get into the right “mindset.” While you’re at a tournament, while you probably do want to win, I think it’s a good idea to also get into the mindset that you’re there to have fun. Having this mindset relieves a LOT of stress, believe me. It also helps you to not get as frustrated when you lose. But if you do get frustrated after a loss, just close your eyes, breath slowly, and relax a bit. You’ll never win if you’re frustrated.

bkfst_sausage’s suggestions are great as well. As for music, I personally recommend Kingdom Hearts music. A lot of it is very calming and soothing, and for the most part, doesn’t have lyrics. Traverse Town and Twilight Town are my two personal faves.

Yeah, I’m kind of a video game freak. 99% of the music on my 3DS is Video Game music. :rock:

i find that top players do wear headphones [probably noise canceling] when they play, most notably Daigo Umehara and UVG Noel Brown, especially at big tourneys like EVO but i’m not sure if The Beast would be rocking Mozart on his iPod. maybe some Nobuo Uematsu tunes perhaps [he IS supporting that light gun game iirc]?

when i’m playing, i have this tendency to like “switch off” for a few moments and completely focus on what’s happening on the screen most especially when things get pretty frantic as the round/match goes down to the last few pixels of health. it’s like all the sound gets drowned out and it’s just dead air but i am still very cognizant of the match. i also saw a video of Daigo re-telling a similar experience that he had but i’m not sure if it was the EVO 2K4 comeback moment he was referring to although i have to say, it takes MAD concentration to be able to pull off that sequence in matchplay of GDLK levels PLUS the roaring crowd right behind them.

@ Super Sick Case
bnb combos are exactly what they are so you really don’t have an excuse for not being able to take off decent chunks of damage from your opponent when you get the chance. even if you are nervous during a tourney/competition. all that practice would have been futile if you could not convert a hit confirm into modest damage at the least. also, DO NOT attempt fancy stuff/shenanigans during important match-ups. it’s okay during casuals but tourney matches are ALWAYS to be taken seriously. even if you have the life lead. comebacks for SSF4AE and UMVC3 are commonplace so there’s not much guarantee in being complacent with being ahead for a few seconds. “finish off your plate” as it’s been said. but don’t make a big mess. again, good luck!

peace out.


Daigo has said time and time again that he doesn’t listen to anything. He just uses them to cancel the noise out… Also, he’s old, so why would he not listen to old music? LMAO

You know I suffered the same problem when I started going to tournies. Then I realized the problem was that at home I was playing with a Laggy HDTV which gave me different timing for combos

Different environment, tv, console (xbox/ps3), hungry, etc

lol, i did not know that, for real. lol at the “Daigo is old” swipe. if not Mozart, classical/folk Japanese music then. you know, those with the shamisen trills and kabuki shouts… no? uh, let’s stick to the noise-canceling then…

what kind of a tourney uses laggy HDTV’s for their matches? those can definitely throw off your timing and cost you the match altogether.

peace out.


My first tournament used XBox 360’s when I play on PS3 (pad player). Had to use a PS2 controller through a converter.

Dropped like half my combos and had accidental inputs all over the place. Still though I made a good impression.

Yar, just look up any interview with him. For some reason, that’s a popular question for him.

No I meant that its a possibility he’s playing on an HDTV at home.

The music sounds like a good idea for me. I tried this before but um I listen to death metal and uh, didnt work. lol. Im going to try something different though next time.

sorry, my bad. not enough nourishment for today so i had a moment of weakness there [reading comprehension-wise]. this thing called “work” is pretty tiring. must. get. caffeine… or at least a red+green herb mix…

@Super Sick Case
death metal? really? while playing SSF4AE? did you know that a new study shows that listening to loud music increases your heart rate and blood pressure which can adversely affect your stress levels, reaction time, thought processes and overall performance for a given task such as driving? the study also concludes that soft, relaxing music is beneficial to one’s well being and capacity to perform.

in your case, it’s playing matches at a tourney. and you’re concerned that you drop combos frequently iirc. there might be a connection but i just can’t put my finger on it… oh well, i hope that gave you something to think about at least.

peace out.


The study you linked shows NONE of those things. Just read the conclusion dude.